Attack on Lidl, Hipp and Wild: After letter bombs: pensioners in custody


Attack on Lidl, Hipp and Wild
After letter bombs: pensioners in custody

A few days ago, explosive mail frightened several food companies.  The  security authorities are now reporting an initial success of the investigation. A suspect is caught. So far, he has remained silent on the allegations.
After the three attacks with explosive mail on food companies in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, a 66-year-old suspect is in custody. © The  public prosecutor’s office in Heidelberg and the State Criminal Police Office in Baden-Württemberg jointly announced this. © The  arrest of the man had already been ordered on Friday evening. Special police forces arrested the pensioner at his home. © The  man from the Ulm area, who was previously unknown to the police, did not offer any resistance, it said.

Initially, the suspect did not provide any information about the allegations made against him. In particular, the investigations into the shipping route and the type of explosives packages had brought the special commission on Friday on the track of the man, it said in the message.

In the past few days, mail had exploded in the Wild factories in Eppelheim (Rhein-Neckar district) and at the headquarters of the Lidl supermarket chain in Neckarsulm (Heilbronn district). In Bavaria, the police last intercepted an explosive piece of mail addressed to the baby food manufacturer Hipp. © The  investigations after the explosions were carried out with great personnel expenditure. 100 officers investigated the cases.

© The  investigators had come across the shipment intended for Hipp in Pfaffenhofen because it had been delivered to a post office in Ulm together with the package and the letter for the beverage manufacturer and Lidl headquarters. “© The re is a connection between these three packages,” said the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Police President Stefanie Hinz on Friday. © The  three shipments had fictitious senders and were delivered by DHL.

© The  special commission of the State Criminal Police Office and the police headquarters in Heilbronn, Mannheim and Ulm also dealt with similar earlier acts in their investigations. A letter bomb extortionist who terrified people in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region in 2017 is still at large.

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Attack Lidl Hipp Wild letter bombs pensioners custody


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