AUA is slowly starting to move again



 The  flight schedule of the Lufthansa subsidiary AUA is currently around 15 percent of that before the CoV pandemic. Now the AUA is planning to slowly expand it. And with the summer flight schedule, 20 destinations are to be added again.

© The  intention is there, but an increase naturally depends on the course of the CoV pandemic and the associated restrictions. After a brief soaring over Christmas, the AUA’s range then fell to 15 percent of the pre-crisis level. Now it should be around 20 percent in March and then 30 percent of a normal season from April, it said on Wednesday.

Focus on vacation destinations and long-haul routes

This year the airline wants to focus on holiday destinations for the summer flight schedule. Some long-haul destinations are also to be served again. ©

 The re are currently no flights to South Africa due to the corona, and it is not approached in summer even in normal years.


 The  AUA announced that more than 20 destinations will be resumed for the summer flight schedule. ©

 The se include Barcelona, ​​Dubrovnik, Florence, Gothenburg, Kosice, Krakow, Lviv, Odessa and Oslo. Amman, Bangkok, Chicago and Tokyo are back on the flight schedule on intercontinental routes.

Up to 150 flights a week in midsummer

“We expect increased demand in the tourist sector in summer and are therefore increasing our range of holiday destinations by up to 20 percent from July,” said AUA board member Michael Trestl. Accordingly, from today’s perspective, there should be up to 150 flights per week to holiday destinations. ©

 The  focus remains on Greece and Cyprus. ©

 The  AUA also sees Italy, Spain and Turkey as bearers of hope.

As it was now said about the first details of the summer flight schedule, it should go, for example, up to ten times to Heraklion (Crete) or 16 times to Larnaka (Cyprus). ©

 The re should also be increased frequency to Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos, Catania and the Canary Islands. ©

 The  booking phase for the holiday season 2021 is currently starting. For the first time since 2009, Austrian Airlines will be flying to Hanover again from the end of March in the 2021 summer timetable. ©

 The  route was previously flown by Eurowings.

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AUA slowly starting move


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