Australian Open: Djokovic dominates – then the scandal follows: “Unspeakable audience”

Australian Open: Djokovic dominates - then the scandal follows:

 The  first Grand Slam of the year! Novak Djokovic defeats Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Australian Open. At the award ceremony it gets strange.

Novak Djokovic (SRB) 7 6 6
Daniil Medvedev (RUS) 5 2 2

Update from February 21, 12:02 p.m .: Daniil Medvedev pretends to be a great sportsman after the strange boos. He congratulates fair and apologizes to the audience: “I would have liked to have offered you a longer final,” said the Russian. Novak Djokovic is happy to return the compliments and immediately makes him an offer: “We should spend more time together in the future, train more together.” Nice scenes here at the end in Melbourne!

Update from February 21, 11:47 a.m .: Third title in a row at the Australian Open, fastest victory for him in the Melbourne final, 18th Grand Slam title overall: Novak Djokovic is the king of Down Under!

Jayne Hrdlicka, President of Tennis Australia, opens the award ceremony. Of course, she congratulates Djokovic and encourages Medvedev. © The n suddenly there are whistles! Why? Hrdlicka talks about Corona. It is time for optimism in this difficult phase, after all, there is now a vaccine. © The  fans obviously don’t like that at all, which is why they express their displeasure directly.


 The  Eurosport commentators Matthias Stach and Boris Becker can’t understand that – “People, take a look around the world,” says Stach. In fact, the mood at the award ceremony is very changeable, which was also noticed by many fans on Twitter. One writes: “Unspeakable audience! We can be happy that they are even allowed to be there. “

Australian Open: Novak Djokovic doesn’t give Daniil Medvedev a chance

Djokovic – Medvedev 6:2: Game, set, win – Djokovic! ©

 The  Serb is simply too strong here, too determined! Medvedev goes completely under in the final of the Australian Open, loses in one hour and 54 minutes.

A match point is enough for Djokovic at the end, Medvedev discusses with the audience shortly beforehand, which bothers him with heckling in the final game. “You can see the score – please stay fair.”

Djokovic – Medvedev 5:2: Djokovic puts a ball on the baseline, Medvedev is surprised and hits the net with the answer! Big Point for Nole – after that he takes the game and is now only four points away from his 18th Grand Slam title!

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:2: Djokovic is also just a force. Short cross-volley after a really good return from Medvedev – the Serb is there on point. But: Medvedev can still! Now the Russian is finally pushing himself, comes back again.

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:2: Despite minor mistakes, Medvedev takes his service game here. But now Djokovic is serving again.

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:1: That was probably the crux of the matter. Medvedev quarrels, shakes his head, stretches out his arms. He has no chance with his tennis here today, there are too many mistakes in the Russian’s game. Djokovic marches for the crown – it will be his ninth at the Australian Open.

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:1: Medvedev leads 30-0, then chases a ball wildly out of bounds. But then – great rally, in the end a great stop by Medvedev decides. Does that give him another boost here? Finally another game, only 1: 3.

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:0: And that just fits with Nole. Good serve, right timing – and of course a frustrated opponent. 3: 0! We are taking a quick step towards a decision.

Djokovic – Medvedev 2:0: ©

 The  Djoker breaks! Medvedev is completely irrelevant here. Pity!

Djokovic – Medvedev 1:0: Two breakballs for Medvedev – and Djokovic conceded them both! Really strong from the Serbs. We have to repeat: Medvedev misses too many options. He discussed with his trainer, almost dismantled the second racket, and shouts of “Nole, Nole” echoed from the audience. It could go very quickly now.

Australian Open in the live ticker: Djokovic takes second set against Medvedev

Djokovic – Medvedev 6:2: Djokovic feels that he now clearly has the upper hand! Two set balls! ©

 The  first is gone, the second fits! 2-0 for the Serb!

Djokovic – Medvedev 5:2: That’s just a little too immature from Medvedev. He always takes good chances and makes simple mistakes. So the Djoker can establish his dominance – and dictate the game from the line. His serves are also currently perfect.

Medvedev is accordingly frustrated, the Russian smashes his first bat here. Djokovic can now break for the second set. 0: 2 in sets? ©

 The  25-year-old has not been able to make up such a shortfall in his entire career.

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:2: Easy game here now for Medvedev, Djokovic saves energy and gives away. 4-2 now.

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:1: Djokovic now dominates and thunders his service game. Is he driving in the second sentence right here?

Djokovic – Medvedev 3: 1: What is that now? During a rally, there are repeated calls from the audience – of course that annoys the players, concentration is completely gone. ©

 The  German referee Nico Helwerth interrupts the game – and lets the ball repeat. Correct sign from Stuttgart, then he asks for quiet again and receives applause.

Djokovic – Medvedev 2:1: ©

 The  Djoker comes back strong in the second set – because Medvedev leaves many chances. After the break he suddenly has a weaker phase.

Djokovic – Medvedev 1:1: Re-break Djokovic! Everything back in line.

Djokovic – Medvedev 0:1: Djokovic served for the second set. Incidentally, the fans really go with them – there are 7,000 spectators. Completely unusual noise for sports fans, but of course it’s really fun. And Medvedev manages the break right away!

Australian Open: world class final! Djokovic takes a hard-fought first set against Medvedev

Djokovic – Medvedev 7:5: Medvedev has to – otherwise the first sentence will be gone! And the Djoker does it very well, tacts extremely well. Again and again he pushes the Russians out and then has a lot of space and time. Three set balls! But Medvedev swallows the first. And the second! Crazy! And then he hits the net – first sentence for Djokovic. 42 minutes played.

Djokovic – Medvedev 6:5: Djokovic counters strongly and makes it 6: 5! He also doesn’t give his opponent a chance in the service game.

Djokovic – Medvedev 5:5: Medvedev keeps his nerve here! Compensation for 5: 5, the Russian does not give up a point.

Djokovic – Medvedev 5:4: Djokovic benefits from a Medvedev mistake and brings the 5: 4 – important game for the Serbs. Is he breaking the first sentence now?

Australian Open NOW in the live ticker: Awesome spectacle between Djokovic and Medvedev

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:4: Everything in here in this match. And both make use of the complete tennis palette – Medvedev and Djokovic are incredibly variable.

Djokovic – Medvedev 4:3: Now Djokovic comes back and gets his service game! Can they keep up this pace?

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:3: “Guys, the match started! Really world class now from both players ”, rejoices Boris Becker at the Eurosport microphone. We can only agree with that! It’s wrong what Medvedev is now offering for a show. 3: 3 after 0: 3!

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:2: First small mistake here by Djokovic, who thunders a free ball into the net. ©

 The n the first serve goes wrong and then a stop is neglected! Medvedev with his first breakballs – and he uses the first! Now this is going to be the spectacle we were hoping for!

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:1: Now Medvedev is finally arriving here. ©

 The  Russian shoots two aces around Djokovic’s ears – first game for the challenger.

Djokovic – Medvedev 3:0: Is that strong! THREE TO ZERO! Medvedev doesn’t take a trick here, Djokovic even plays serve and volley at the end – the Dominator is here!

Djokovic – Medvedev 2:0: Medvedev is a little too imprecise here in his first service game and thus allows Djokovic two breakballs. ©

 The  Russian can fend off the first, but not the second. 2-0 for Nole!

Djokovic – Medvedev 1:0: ©

 The re are over 7000 spectators. Djokovic begins – and how! First serve, first ace. ©

 The  Serb is extremely determined and takes the first game.

Australian Open now in the live ticker: Djokovic against Medvedev

09.36 a.m .: “We are expecting a terrific final,” said tennis expert Boris Becker before the start of the match at Eurosport. We also! And now it finally starts. Have fun with the men’s final of the Australian Open 2021!

09.28 a.m .: ©

 The  players are currently still warming up in the catacombs of the Rod Laver Arena. In ten minutes they will march in.

09.14 a.m .: Do we see a premiere today? Medvedev does not yet have a Grand Slam title, the Djoker alone has won the Australian Open eight times.

Update from February 21, 9:09 a.m .: To get in the mood for the final, let’s watch the semi-final between Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas again. ©

 The  Russian prevailed in the end – he could well cause problems for Novak Djokovic today. We are excited!

Update from February 21, 8.26 a.m .: It starts here in the Rod Laver Arena in around an hour! Who will crown the Australian Open today? Daniil Medvedev challenges the dominator Novak Djokovic – it will certainly be exciting! Incidentally, a German also plays an important role in the grand finale.

Nico Helwerth from Stuttgart will be the chair umpire today. It is his first men’s final in a Grand Slam. ©

 The  35-year-old was already active in all four majors and also in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2019 he has been part of the team of the International Tennis Federation ITF, which is also used in Grand Slams.

Australian Open: men’s final in live ticker – will Medvedev manage the surprise against Djokovic?

First report from February 20, 11:54 a.m .: Melbourne – He did it again! Novak Djokovic is in the final of the Australian Open *. ©

 The  Serb has finished the tennis fairy tale of qualifier Aslan Karazev confidently and can crown his special down-under story with the ninth title *. He will face Daniil Medvedev in the final on Sunday.

Djokovic, last year’s winner, gave his Russian semi-final opponent no chance on Thursday in Melbourne with a 6: 3, 6: 4, 6: 2 and was the first player to reach the men’s final. Against Karazev – number 114 in the world rankings – the industry leader had significantly fewer problems than two days earlier in the quarter-final victory over Hamburg’s Alexander Zverev.

In less than two hours, when the fans returned to the Rod Laver Arena * after the five-day lockdown, the 33-year-old made his ninth place in the final of the first Grand Slam tournament of the season.

Australian Open: Men’s final in the live ticker – Djokovic versus Medvedev

On Sunday, Medvedev will be waiting – the next Russian. ©

 The  ATP Finals winner won the semi-finals in Melbourne on Friday against the Greek world number six Stefanos Tsitsipas 6: 4, 6: 2, 7: 5. ©

 The  25-year-old moved into his second Grand Slam final after the US Open 2019 and once again has the chance to win his first title at one of the four most important tournaments. (akl / dpa) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Rubriklistenbild: © MICHAEL DODGE

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Australian Open Djokovic dominates scandal Unspeakable audience


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