Austria changeable: “Children’s soccer” follows goal parade


        Austria can continue to hope after a game with two completely contrary halves.  With a 5: 1 against Altach, the violets kept the chance of the championship group of the Bundesliga.  For one half the Viennese played with "children's soccer", as Christoph Schösswendter noted after the game.  Thanks to the apparently correct words in the dressing room and aided by a wrong decision by the referees, Austria managed to turn around thanks to five goals in 30 minutes.        </p><div>
        <p><a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a>&nbsp;The&nbsp; deficit of the Viennese on the longed-for place in the upper half of the table melted to three points.  <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a>&nbsp;The&nbsp; WSG Tirol conceded a 0-1 defeat against SKN St. Pölten in Innsbruck.  Austria's next opponent was back in the top six race.  After the first success after seven games without a win, St. Pölten is only one point short of the previous table neighbors from Vienna.</p>            

In Vienna favorites Dominik Fitz (46th, 56th) and Manprit Sarkaria (72nd, 75th) met after changing sides in a double pack, after the offensive duo and their fellow men had barely seen anything constructive before. “It was a shockingly weak performance in the first half,” said Schösswendter.  The  central defender and goalkeeper Patrick Pentz were the men of the game at Austria.

If Pentz defused two top-class chances for Altach after the 0: 1, Schösswendter prevented the 1: 2 by turning the ball away from the line. © The  32-year-old then scored the 3: 1 (68th) himself. Schösswendter was handicapped after just two minutes of play after Altach’s goal scorer Chinedu Obasi (25th) had accidentally risen to his hand. Schösswendter gritted his teeth and continued to play with bandages and painkillers. After the game we went to the hospital.

Before that, the ex-Germany legionnaire analyzed what he had seen as rock hard. “We’re a professional team, it’s not children’s football. It’s about passion and commitment. If you then miss the game on the end goal, it will be difficult,” said Schösswendter about the first 45 minutes. Peter Stöger was able to agree. “© The  same guys played in the second half. © The y weren’t any stronger in two fights, but technique, speed and accuracy of the pass were better. You have to offer something, otherwise you can’t play in the Bundesliga,” explained the Austria coach.

Stöger’s greatest task remains to increase the consistency in the game of his team. “Quality is when you can do it over a long period of time,” he said. In the coming week, Austria will be setting the trend away from the field. © The  search for a strategic partner is to be finalized in meetings of the Supervisory Board and the Presidium. This – it is said to be the Georgian businessman Merab Jordania – should decisively alleviate the financial worries before the license is awarded at the beginning of March.

Alex Pastoor spoke of the organization that his eleven had lost. Altach’s coach was annoyed with referee Andreas Heiss during the game and afterwards. “I haven’t often seen so many wrong decisions, both as a player and as a coach,” said the Dutchman, who received a yellow card from the Tyrolean. © The  fact that Benedikt Pichler’s offside position was not noticed before the 1-1 draw even surprised the goalscorer. “I was extremely surprised,” said Fitz.

© The  relapse had basically nothing to do with the referee, said Pastoor. “© The  organization then completely collapsed.” Access Neven Subotic left the field at 1: 4. He sees the performance of the defender as that of the entire team, said Pastoor. Altach came back home from the bottom of the table. © The  Admira was only in use on Sunday.

WSG Tirol was also allowed to rage. “We made the table situation unnecessarily sharp,” annoyed coach Thomas Silberberger after the fifth’s home defeat. © The  reason he gave the meeting was that his team did not appear as a team. “© The  ego thought was much higher among the players,” said the Tyrolean. Midfielder Thanos Petsos added: “It was like a regional league game. Just long balls, tackles and a standard decides.” Kofi Schulz (73) was there after a free kick with his head.

However, the WSG still has all the trumps in its own hands, even as the supplementary game of the 16th round is scheduled for Tuesday in Hartberg. “We can take it in an incredibly casual direction. If we don’t win, then it burns, then it will be brutally tight,” said Silberberger, aware of the situation. © The  Styrians have the opportunity to move up to sixth by two points. “We haven’t put our pursuit of the top six aside yet, but to really put pressure on we would have needed a win today,” said Hartberg coach Markus Schopp after the 1-1 draw against SV Ried, who was in tenth place.

St. Pölten can still hope. In the Lower Austrian camp, however, they don’t want to deal with the championship round. “For me, the subject is over, I have to be honest,” emphasized coach Robert Ibertsberger. After a victory after a very long time, you don’t want to talk about anything right away. “Others are in a better position.”


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Austria changeable Childrens soccer goal parade


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