Austria duo in the focus of LASK? Thalhammer wants to “think carefully”

 Austria duo in the focus of LASK?  Thalhammer wants to

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Will there be an Austria duo for LASK soon? Christoph Monschein and Manprit Sarkaria should be the focus of the Upper Austrians. Coach Dominik Thalhammer and Sky experts Andreas Herzog and Alfred Tatar dealt with the personal details before today’s ASK guest appearance at Admira.

“We have to think carefully about which players suit our style. I think that we are sounding out the market and that there are deliberations, but nothing has been specifically signed or planned, ”explains Thalhammer.

© The  expert duo doubted beforehand whether the style of the players would match the LASK. “I can’t even imagine these two players at LASK as they play at Austria. © The y have often proven that they have quality, ”says Herzog.

Tatar also questions the physical requirements of the duo: “©

 The  qualities that are in demand for LASK; this is not Monschein’s game. (…) What the players in the outer positions do is not the style of Sarakria. ”

Monschein to LASK? Stöger comments on rumors

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Austria duo focus LASK Thalhammer carefully


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