Austria Wien vs. Altach: The voices for the game – football

Austria Wien vs. Altach: The voices for the game - football

© The  mood of Vienna Austria was not clouded by the fog.

Wiener Austria appeared with completely different faces in the 5: 1 against Altach. While there wasn’t much football to be seen in the first half, the violets started a goal spectacle in the second half.

Austria can continue to hope after a game with two completely contrary halves. With a 5: 1 against Altach, the violets kept the chance of the championship group of the Bundesliga. For one half the Viennese played with “children’s soccer”, as Christoph Schösswendter noted after the game. Thanks to the apparently correct words in the dressing room and aided by a wrong decision by the referees, Austria managed to turn around thanks to five goals in 30 minutes.

Austria played in the second half

Peter Stoeger (Austria coach): “In the first half there wasn’t much of what we wanted to see. Only Patrick Pentz kept us in the game. We had little passing game, movement in the offensive area, depth, deals. In the second half we saw a lot of what we wanted after adjustments. We were lucky here and there. When we equalize, we take a decision that was for us. We didn’t have it on our side in the past few weeks stayed, I really liked it. “

Dominik Fitz (Austria double goalscorer): “When Altach slept after conceding a goal, we were able to add more. I was extremely surprised that he (the referee before the 1-1 draw, note) lets play on. But we have to accept such gifts.”

First half okay for Altach

Alex Pastor (Altach-Trainer): “© The  first 45 minutes we put in a good to very good performance, little or nothing allowed. We could have scored three, maybe four goals. Shortly after half-time came the moment that turned the game around . It hurt us so much that we missed all the organization. © The  referee was bad today in my opinion. But that is no excuse that we fell behind. Without organization, no team plays well. Today you saw how that then look out. ”

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