Austrian Junior Cup: The participants have been determined / street sport

Austrian Junior Cup: The participants have been determined / street sport

Because KTM has committed to Dorna to intensify work with young talent in German-speaking countries, the Austrian Junior Cup was launched. Now the list of participants has been published.

 The  conditions for young motorsport enthusiasts in German-speaking countries are anything but ideal. On the one hand, the winter months are too long and you would have to resort to training on racetracks in Spain, which is very time-consuming and financially difficult, on the other hand, there are hardly any sponsors who want to get involved in sports that are largely neglected by the television companies and daily newspapers.

With KTM there is a motorcycle manufacturer in Austria that has been causing a sensation in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP for years. ©

 The  Red Bull Rookies Cup has been successfully building up work for many years, which has resulted in numerous GP victories and world championships. However, most of the young talents come from Spain, Italy, Japan or France. You will often look in vain for Germans or Austrians in the ranks of potential GP pilots.

If KTM has its way, that should change in the foreseeable future. Together with the Austrian motorsport federation AMF and the Spielberg project, they are looking for talent from the Alpine republic. Interested parties could register for the Austrian Junior Cup, which will be held for the first time until February 19. Now the list of participants has been published.

A total of 21 youngsters between the ages of 13 and 20 have registered, including two young women, Lena Kemmer and Michelle Kroneisl, who want to really heat up their male colleagues. ©

 The  organizers KTM and BG Sportpromotion have also decided to allow three participants from Germany. An international comparison should be sought and one or the other more experienced starter should be included as an indicator.

“With the Austrian Junior Cup we are creating the basis for the future success of young Austrian racing talents”, Hubert Trunkenpolz, member of the board of KTM AG, is convinced. «©

 The  average age of the participants of 15 years motivates us very much to be able to achieve the set goal. We are looking forward to the achievements of the young boys and girls in the premiere season and wish them all the best on their way! “

“Last year, KTM made a commitment to Dorna to invest in young talent in German-speaking countries. With Andy Meklau as an Austrian motorsport icon and promoter BG Sportpromotion, the right partners were available. Now, six months after the start of the project, we have a full field in the starting blocks and can hardly wait for the roll-out date at the Red Bull Ring, ”adds Chris Schipper, Managing Director of KTM Austria.

Participants in the Austrian Junior Cup 2021
Benjamin Baumgartner
Manuel Blaßnig
Kilian Christ
Luca Göttlicher (D)
Felix Heißenberger
Kilian Holzer
Jonathan Jöchl
Lena Kemmer
Niklas Kitzbichler
Daniel Krabacher
Michelle Kroneisl
Xaver Moser
Patrick Pürstinger
Leo Rammerstorfer
Sebastian Schmiderer
Phillip Tonn (D)
Phil Urlaß (D)
Tristan Walch
Niklas Wannenmacher
+ 2 fixed wildcards from Projekt Spielberg

30. – 31.03. Red Bull Ring (Official Roll Out)
25.04. Speedarena Rechnitz (Official Test)
29. – 30.05. Speedarena Rechnitz
11. – 13.06. Salzburgring
17.- 18.07. Wachauring Milk
06. – 07.08. Red Bull Ring
August 27-29 Red Bull Ring (with the IDM)

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Austrian Junior Cup participants determined street sport


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