Austria’s “children’s game” |

 Austria's “children's game” |

 The  5: 1 against Altach was Austria’s fifth win in 18 rounds. And the club is hoping for the championship round?

Wien. Austria continues to offer light and a lot of shadow in the Bundesliga. Of course, the violets could not praise the 5: 1 against Altach enough, after all, it was the first win since September. © The  emergence, however, all five goals came in the second half within 29 minutes, revealed deficiencies in the game, system and attitude. Also, it cannot be ignored that Altach and Admira alternately wrestle for the “Red Lantern”. A win against this club is a must.

As often as footballers and officials unabashedly make excuses, it is refreshing when honest statements are made. Christoph Schösswendter has been Austria’s central defender since October, who is often misunderstood by many coaches and has his heart on his tongue. In the first 45 minutes he even classified Austria’s game as “children’s football”.


 The  way to the upper play-off

What does it say when the goalkeeper (Patrick Pentz) and a defender were the best protagonists of a team? Not much is missing from the upper play-off, only: it is still damned far away and the chance of reaching it in the final four rounds of the regular season is disappearing.


 The  route to March 21 and the division of the table is clear: every game must be won and at the same time hoped for mistakes by the competition. ©

 The  fact that WAC won 2-1 in the storm doesn’t make things any easier. St. Pölten (a), Rapid (h), Sturm (a) and the final against WAC (h) are the hurdles. Stumbling, children’s play and lazy use are prohibited. (fin)

Bundesliga 18th round

1. Salzburg1713133640
2. Rapid1711421537
3. Lask1811341936
4. Sturm189451231
5. WAC18837-227
5. WSG Tirol17737224

7. Austria18567021
8. St. Pölten18558-420
9. Hartberg17476-1219
10. Ried184410-1616
11. Admira183312-2512
12. Altach 183312-2512

Results: Sturm – WAC 1: 2, Admira – Lask 1: 2, Austria – Altach 5: 1, Hartberg – SV Ried 1: 1, WSG Tirol – St. Pölten 0: 1.

Saturday: Lask – Hartberg, Admira – WSG, Rapid – Ried (is 17). Sunday: WAC – Altach, St. Pölten – Austria (14.30), Sturm – Salzburg (17).

(“Die Presse”, print edition, February 22nd, 2021)

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