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Status: 02/21/2021 12:47 p.m.

On Friday, the hotel investors sent private security guards to evacuate the area.  The se were stopped by the city. Now the city administration apparently wants the police to evacuate.


 The  evacuation of the Flensburg station forest is apparently imminent. ©

 The  city administration has confirmed that it has submitted an administrative assistance request to the police for the evacuation. This is justified with the current contact restrictions in Flensburg. NDR Schleswig-Holstein has received the letter to the occupiers. As our Flensburg reporter reports, there are now around 100 demonstrators and roughly the same number of police officers on site. ©

 The  situation is still calm. A police spokesman said there was still hope that the activists would leave voluntarily. Talks would continue.

Eviction by private security guards had been stopped

Police officers and demonstrators stand at the occupied train station forest in Flensburg.  © Peer-Axel Kroeske Photo: Peer-Axel Kroeske

AUDIO: Railway station forest before evacuation (1 min)


 The  construction of a hotel is planned on the site. Project opponents have occupied the site since October. On Friday there had been scuffles at the Bahnhofswald. Background: ©

 The  hotel investors had sent private security guards early in the morning to clear the area. ©

 The  city then issued an order to avoid escalation – the eviction was stopped.

Further information

Men in work clothes with chainsaws next to a tree with a tree house of the activists in Flensburg.
4 Min

Private security guards began clearing the forest occupied by activists. Trees were also felled. 4 min

Protesters and police officers stand in front of a fence.  © xxx Photo: xxx

Investors in the proposed hotel began clearing the area on Friday. That had consequences. more

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