Ban for Siebenhandl, Kiteishvili threatens a long break

Sturm-Goalie Jörg Siebenhandl wird für ein Spiel gesperrt

Storm goalkeeper Jörg Siebenhandl is suspended for the home game against Salzburg after his red card against WAC. Midfield director Otar Kiteishvili is suffering from a muscle injury in his calf

 The  worries at Bundesliga team Sturm Graz are no less. For the home game against Red Bull Salzburg next Sunday, goalkeeper Jörg Siebenhandl and director Otar Kiteishvili will be joined by two top performers.

Siebenhandl was suspended for a game by the league penalty senate because of his red card in the home 1: 2 against WAC, Kiteishvili suffered a probably serious injury in his left calf in that game, as the Graz team announced on Monday. © The  Georgian is due to be examined again on Tuesday, but it seems certain that he will have to “pause for several weeks”.


 The  last ailing Jon Gorenc Stankovič and Kevin Friesenbichler are also questionable for the match against Salzburg, Andreas Kuen’s shoulder hurts. Philipp Huspek is suffering from a rib injury, how long he will be out is unclear.


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Ban Siebenhandl Kiteishvili threatens long break


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