Bavarian brewery Irsee gives away 2,500 liters of free beer


A Bavarian brewery gave away part of its production.  The  reason is the falling demand in retail. You didn’t want to throw away the barley juice.


 The  Bavarian monastery brewery Irsee announced on Facebook that it would be issuing 2,500 liters of free beer. “Due to the current situation we could not deliver our draft beer to the catering customers. That is why we have today distributed over 2,500 liters of beer to private households in our brewery yard,” wrote the brewers.


 The  beer would have expired last Sunday and should have been thrown away. ©

 The  reason for this is the lower demand in retail and catering. A Facebook picture showed prospects queuing, keeping their distance and wearing a mask. Donations were also collected for the local kindergarten.

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Bavarian brewery Irsee liters free beer


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