Beach volleyball in Qatar: boycott due to bikini ban – association contradicts

Beach volleyball in Qatar: boycott due to bikini ban - association contradicts

Updated February 23, 2021 at 1:57 p.m.

  • Due to an outfit regulation at the beach volleyball tournament in Doha, Germany’s best duo of Julia Sude and Karla Borger will not take part in the event.
  •  The  Qatar association QVA in turn rejects the allegations.
  • © The  duo’s manager reacted promptly and accused the organizers of lying.

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Karla Borger (32) takes the world federation into duty after the sensational waiver of the best German beach volleyball duo’s start for the tournament in Doha. “We are questioning whether it is necessary to have a tournament there,” said Borger in an interview with Deutschlandfunk: “It is definitely something that you have to question.”

Borger and her partner Julia Sude justified their waiver of the tournament in March with the dress code for women in “Spiegel”. Instead of the usual sports bikini, the players in the emirate are only allowed to compete in T-shirts and long pants.

In Doha, temperatures can reach around 30 degrees Celsius at this time. Borger explains to “Spiegel”: “Our sport is damn exhausting. We adapt to every country where we can. But we are just not used to playing with these clothes in such temperatures.”

Qatar Association rejects allegations


 The  Qatar Association QVA vigorously denied the existence of the dress code on Monday evening. “We want to make it clear that we are not making any demands on what the athletes should wear at the event,” said the organizing association when asked by the AFP news agency.

“We respect the FIVB code of conduct (Volleyball World Federation, Note d. Red.) wholeheartedly, and have shown in the past at numerous events in Qatar, including the ANOC World Beach Games, that athletes are free to compete in international uniforms as they would in other countries. “

Manager accuses organizers of lying

After the organizers denied the dress code, the manager of the German beach volleyball duo Borger / Sude has now also spoken out and accused the organizers of “lying”.

“That’s not true, it’s in the tournament regulations of February 16,” Constantin Adam told SID on Tuesday, referring to point ten of 17. ©

 The re it says that women have instead of the usual sports bikinis “out of respect for the people local culture and tradition to wear T-shirts with short sleeves and knee-length trousers, even during training.

“We do our work there, but we are denied our work outfit,” Borger had previously said about the regulations. “This is really the only country and the only tournament where we are told by a government how to do our job, and we criticize that.”


 The  volleyball world federation is “still very far behind in listening to the athletes at all,” criticized Borger. “Even as a Players Association, it is very difficult to move forward if you don’t develop pressure from outside through the public.”

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Borger: “It’s about our existence”

Borger understands the players who travel to the Persian Gulf anyway. “It’s about our existence, so I can understand that some players will take part in the tournament in Qatar,” said Borger.

For the first time after seven all-male tournaments, the women will be able to compete in Qatar’s capital this year. In the tournament planned for March, the winners can look forward to prize money of 300,000 dollars (around 248,000 euros).

Borger / Sude have almost certainly qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo and decided on Monday to hold a two-week training camp in Spain. Participation in Doha (from March 8th) would therefore not be an option for the duo, even with the usual dress code. “©

 The y’re happy that the pressure might have changed something,” said Adam. (lh / AFP)

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Beach volleyball Qatar boycott due bikini ban association contradicts


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