Beatrice Egli: Finally done! She freaks out – “Very emotional”


Beatrice Egli: Finally done!  The  pop singer freaks out – “Really very emotional”

February 21, 2021 at 8:14 am

That’s what the DSDS winners do today

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She has been looking forward to it for a long time! Beatrice Egli is over the moon, still can’t believe it really came true.

Because the singer gave her first digital concert on Saturday evening.

Beatrice Egli: Officially done! © The  pop singer totally moved

After weeks of abstinence from the stage due to the corona pandemic Beatrice Egli can finally have closer contact with their fans again.


This is Beatrice Egli:

  • Beatrice Margerite Egli was born on June 21, 1988 in Lachen
  • the Swiss began her singing career at the age of 14
  • In 2013 Beatrice Egli won the tenth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
  • ©

     The ir first hit “Mein Herz” was number one in the German, Austrian and Swiss charts for over five months

  • So far, Beatrice Egli is considered the most successful Swiss artist
  • their Swiss album “Mini Schwiiz, mini Heimat” made it to number 1 in the charts



 The  DSDS winner from Switzerland now describes the very special moment on Instagram.

Beatrice Egli touched: “It’s something very special”

“It is very special that I can come to your house,” the 32-year-old says to her supporters in the backstage area. Otherwise it is ultimately they who travel to their idol for performances.

Even before the start of her gig, Beatrice Egli revealed a special highlight: “Today is my first time singing in French on a big stage. So exciting!”

Beatrice Egli still can’t believe it: “That was really very emotional, it was wonderful, but somehow also very sad because we miss you and of course we are touched that we were allowed to stand on stage together,” she continues on Instagram .


More about Beatrice Egli:


© The re were moments when I forgot everything, it felt like on tour.” ©

 The  pictures from the stage are also very reminiscent of a tour appearance. Instead of a real audience, this time cardboard displays from fans sat in the squares. Your “real” fans watched the spectacle from home via a live link.

Last year, Beatrice Egli repeatedly announced how sad she was not to be able to feel the closeness with her fans so much, not to be able to give any more concerts. Who knows, maybe your performance on Saturday was – judging by the feelings of happiness – just the beginning of more….

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Beatrice Egli Finally freaks emotional


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