Because of Corona: Mayor of Floh-Seligenthal threatened on his private property


 The  mayor of the southern Thuringian municipality of Floh-Seligenthal was harassed by around 20 people on his private property at the weekend. As Mayor Ralf Holland-Nell (CDU) MDR THÜRINGEN confirmed on Tuesday, people wanted to confront him about the announced corona mass tests in the district. Here a limit has clearly been crossed, said Holland-Nell.

Because the mayor felt threatened, he called the police. However, Holland-Nell does not want to file a complaint. Basically, he is ready to talk at any time, but not under such circumstances. Holland-Nell had previously reported to the local council about the rapid mass tests planned by the Meiningen District Office. © The se should begin on Monday in Schmalkalden, among other places. © The  district office and the mayor want to coordinate the logistics in a conference call on Tuesday afternoon.

Test centers are to be set up in Schmalkalden, Meiningen and Zella-Mehlis. In addition, mobile teams will be on the road in the district. First the newspaper Free word reported on the incident.

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Corona Mayor FlohSeligenthal threatened private property


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