Bella Thorne criticizes Disney: “little kids don’t have to see perfect people”


Actress Bella Thorne has long since given up her Disney image. Now she also speaks out clearly against the role models that the company imparts to children.

In an interview with US broadcaster Fox News, Thorne said that there is a strong pressure to perfect in the Disney universe. “I think Disney is doing something wrong because they let the kids [in ihren Sendungen] appear perfect, ”says Thorne, who had her breakthrough at the age of 14 with the Disney series“ Shake it up – dancing is everything ”.

“Little children don’t have to see perfect people,” Thorne said. “Children need to see reality. You have to see diversity. ”

 The  overly clean image that child stars are supposed to maintain is unrealistic, the actress said. She could never identify with it: “I’ve always wanted to do what nobody else did.”

Away from the Disney image

In recent years, the 23-year-old has distanced herself from her Disney role and turned to more profound topics. In 2018, she spoke publicly about her experiences of sexual abuse as a child. A year later she processed her family history with the volume of poetry “©

 The  Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray”.

In addition, she is self-confident about her pansexuality on her social channels and lets her almost 25 million followers participate in intimate topics and photos.
“People who are real talk about real things,” Thorne told Fox News. “I think that’s much more important than my Disney image.” Since she has been speaking publicly about life issues that are relevant to her, her connection with her fans has become much closer and she feels in harmony with herself.

“My life has changed in great ways in many ways,” Thorne said. Her fans would come up to her and share their own stories with her. “Most of the time we cry a little and hug each other.” Especially since the publication of her poems there have been such “wonderful moments in which I can be completely there,” said Thorne.
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Bella Thorne criticizes Disney kids dont perfect people


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