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Cryptocurrencies are on top. It is also worth taking a look at the technology that makes decentralized transactions possible: the blockchain. Advanced Blockchain from Berlin recently advanced to become a stock market winner.

Advanced Blockchain AG (ABAG) is a blockchain development company that dared to go public in 2019.  The  company develops and invests in blockchain software solutions for leading industrial companies. It also holds 40 percent of the shares in the blockchain subsidiary Peaq. For many investors still uncharted territory, blockchain technology is open to our users wallstreet: online No longer an insider tip.

So it is not surprising that they did not miss the price explosion of the ABAG share this week. ©

 The  share doubled its value and hit a new all-time high at 21.60 euros before the correction started. ©

 The  reasons for this are likely to be the hype surrounding crypto currencies. But the announcement that the portfolio company from Advanced Blockchain has a stake in the warp finance project amounting to 16,600 warp tokens was well received by investors and crypto fans. A mood picture from the forum: Advanced Blockchain AG – Top Blockchain Venture.

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Berlin crypto Beneficiaries Bitcoin boom Share Advanced Blockchain crypto fans beautiful pearls page


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