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Berlin – Gun madness in the capital!

On the night of Sunday the ambulance service was called to Epensteinstrasse in the Reinickendorf district. Apparently a person there needed urgent medical attention.

After a short time, the paramedics noticed some submachine guns in the apartment. Flak shells and other militaria were also lying around.

Alarm!  The  police arrived.

Teaser picture

If you look closely, you can see some weapons behind the slats


 The  patient in the house was obviously not insignificantly drunk. When blowing it came out: 1.6 per mille! But his life was not in danger.

His weapons were temporarily confiscated by the officials. At first it was not clear whether the house might have to be evacuated because of the military finds.

Teaser picture


 The  officers on duty in front of the house


 The  specialists at the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) were soon able to give the all-clear. ©

 The  grenades and other military goods are apparently no longer usable. ©

 The  man also has a gun license.

According to BILD information, the police will now carry out a suitability test. ©

 The  Berliner may have to hand in his gun license.

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Berlin Drunk gun man bunkered machine guns Regional


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