Berlin’s state hospitals warn of B117: British corona mutation detected in almost 100 cases – Berlin


 The  British corona mutation has been detected in almost 100 patients in Berlin’s state hospitals. 82 cases were registered in the state-owned Vivantes clinics. At the Charité in Berlin, the B117 mutation has been confirmed in 15 samples since the start of extended testing for the virus variants: in four outpatient and eleven inpatient cases.

In both hospital chains, there are also some cases of the South African corona mutation B1351. © The  virus variants have only been tested in Berlin since mid-January. ©

 The  Vivantes group and the also state-owned university clinic jointly operate the “Labor Berlin” on the Charité campus in Berlin-Wedding. Thousands of samples are examined there every day, several hundred of them positive for the coronavirus. How often B117 or the South African variant B1351 was discovered in other laboratories in the capital is not known.

Before the federal states on Wednesday, the head of Germany’s largest municipal clinic group warned against loosening too quickly. “©

 The re are signs that the British virus variant, the corona mutation B117, will prevail,” said Johannes Danckert from Vivantes’ board of directors to Tagesspiegel. B117 is much more contagious. “As with measles, it is probably enough if you only spend a few moments near an infected person.” If there were now to be relaxations, “the British virus variety might get through fully”.

In Berlin, 1101 patients were treated with the coronavirus in a clinic at the start of the week; 315 of them in an intensive care unit. This means that 25 percent of Berlin’s intensive care beds are occupied with Covid 19 cases – instead of 40 percent as at the beginning of January. ©

 The  so-called Corona traffic light of the Berlin Senate could soon jump from “red” to “yellow” on this issue. Concerned about the British mutation, doctors warn against loosening the lockdown too quickly. After the Corona B117 outbreak, the Vivantes-Humboldt-Klinikum was recently quarantined for ten days.

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Berlins state hospitals warn B117 British corona mutation detected cases Berlin


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