Bethesda event as soon as takeover is complete?


According to insider Jeff Grubb, there could be a special event after Microsoft’s completed takeover of Bethesda.

© The  usually well-informed GamesBeat editor / insider Jeff Grubb reports in a podcast that Microsoft could hold some kind of event after the completion of the takeover of Bethesda, probably in mid-March 2021. ©

 The re should then be information about the plans around Betheda. So far, Microsoft has held back with such details.

“Once the deal is closed, they’ll talk about it in a big way. I don’t know if it’s going to be a full Direct-style event, but they’ll talk about it at length and they’ll explain what it means to everyone. You will kind of talk about the immediate future of both companies, which will be one in the future, “said Jeff Grubb.

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of operating systems and game consoles, including the associated hardware and software.

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Bethesda event takeover complete


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