Biathlon World Cup: Eder misses the dream finish

Biathlon World Cup: Eder misses the dream finish

Biathlon World Cup

Simon Eder narrowly missed a dream finish in the form of a medal in the last competition of the Biathlon World Cup on the Pokljuka plateau on Sunday.  The  37-year-old veteran finished in fourth place in the men’s mass start over 15 km. Eder only made a mistake in the last shooting, but had to give way to the younger competitors on the trail. Above all Sturla Holm Laegreid from Norway, who won his fourth gold medal in Slovenia.

After gold in the individual competition and the relay titles with the mixed and men’s relay, Laegreid celebrated his fourth world championship title in the title fights in Pokljuka. Silver went to his compatriot Johannes Dale, 10.2 seconds behind, who prevailed against Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet in the battle for second place. Eder was the only Austrian in the competition to cross the finish line a little more than ten seconds behind in fourth.

Eder, who won silver in the mixed relay together with Dunja Zdouc, mass start world champion Lisa Hauser and David Komatz, fought for medals with the local Slovenian hero Jakov Fak behind Laegreid until the last standing stage. At the last attack, the top trio had to go into the penalty loop and gambled away their lead. While Laegreid played to his strengths on the trail, Dale and Fillon Maillet caught up with the veterans in front of them and finally left them standing. Eder only tore off on the last climb.

“At 37 is already great”

Nevertheless, Eder did not mourn the narrowly missed medal – it would have been his eighth at major events. “To achieve something like this at the age of 37 is great. I also wanted to make a contribution to this historic day after gold for Lisa Hauser. Unfortunately, a few marginal hits were too many at this World Cup. © The  most important thing is that you can compete for the top spots, ”said the veteran in an interview with ORF.

In the mass start, the strength was no longer sufficient against the stronger runners Dale and Fillon Maillet. “I fought right up to the last climb, then unfortunately it was over. If you’ve been in the valley before, healthily, like me, then you can enjoy these heights better. ©

 The  disappointment was the single mixed competition, there would have been more to get. But I never thought that I would be contesting seven races here, so I’m looking forward to the next races again, ”said Eder.


 The  52nd biathlon world championships ended with great success for Austria. ©

 The  red-white-red team landed in fourth place in the final accounts, thanks mainly to the successes in the women’s run by Hauser with one gold and two silver medals. Number one was once again Norway with a total of seven gold, three silver and four bronze medals.

Biathlon-WM Pokljuka

Men’s mass start (15 km):
1. Sturla Holm Laegreid NOR 36:27,2 1*
2. Johannes Dale NOR + 10,2 2
3. Quentin Fillon Maillet FROM 12,8 2
4. Simon Eder OR 23,1 1
5. Jakov Fak SLO 30,0 1
6. Tarjei Bö NOR 33,3 2
7. Lukas Hofer ITA 39,7 2
8. Johannes Thingnes Bö NOR 45,4 5
9. Alexander Loginow RUS 50,0 2
10. Sebastian Samuelson SWE 59,7 3

* Shooting error = penalty loops

Medal table

Gold silver Bronze total
1. Norway 7 3 4 14
2. France 2 2 3 7
3. Sweden 1 3 2 6
4. Austria 1 2 3
5. Czech Republic 1 1
6. Germany 2 2
7. Russia 1 1
. Ukraine 1 1
. Belarus 1 1

Final result after twelve applications

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Biathlon World Cup Eder misses dream finish


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