Biathlon World Cup: Hauser runs to historic gold

Biathlon World Cup: Hauser runs to historic gold

Hauser, who had already won silver in the mixed relay and in the pursuit, prevailed 21.7 seconds ahead of Norwegian Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and her compatriot and favorite Tiril Eckhoff (+23.0). In contrast to the world champion, the two Scandinavians missed one or three times.  The  Tyrolean took the lead after the second prone shooting and did not give it up until the finish. At the last standing shot, Baiba Bendika from Latvia, who had been flawless until then, also missed the shooting range and paved the way for the sovereign Hauser to win gold.

“It’s incredible. It’s so beautiful, ”was the first reaction of the new world champion, who had put the golden cherry on her already historic World Cup cake, in an interview with ORF. In contrast to the relay, in which the shooting range did not go as desired, the Tyrolean didn’t miss anything this time. “I scored zero four times, that was the basic requirement. On the last lap I already had a grin on my face. Everyone cheered me on. Everything is still so much, I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy, I’ll enjoy it now, ”said Hauser.

Hauser is the only one free of errors


 The  Tyrolean maintains her concentration during the last shooting exercise and also sinks the five missing targets.

With her gala performance after Wolfgang Rottmann in Oslo in 2000 in the individual competition and Dominik Landertinger in the mass start in 2009 in Pyeongchang, the 27-year-old Tyrolean provided Austria with only the third World Cup gold in biathlon. Hauser’s third medal in Pokljuka was the 21st Austrian in the history of biathlon world championships. “It was so incredibly nice that they played that for me. I almost cried under the mask, ”said Hauser after the award ceremony.

Concentrated until the end

Hauser had already written domestic sporting history with her silver medal in the pursuit, after Andrea Grossegger’s sprint bronze was the only women’s medal in biathlon at the World Cup premiere in 1984. “Everything that’s going on is insane. I try to enjoy it as best as possible ”, wrangled Hauser, who had celebrated her first podium in the World Cup this year and also her first World Cup victory in the individual competition at the World Cup dress rehearsal in Antholz.

Lisa Theresa Hauser celebrates with her team

AP / Darko Bandic

Hauser was rightly lifted onto the shoulders of the coaches after their coup

In the Pokljuka singles, Hauser narrowly missed another medal in fourth place a few days ago – and drew the right conclusions from that. If the Tyrolean missed the last two targets in the last standing shooting over 15 km, this time she kept her focus at the shooting range until the end. “I had in mind, don’t do it like in the singles and don’t miss the last two, and then I shot down a quiet series,” said the newly crowned world champion.

Biathlon-WM Pokljuka

Women’s mass start (12.5 km):
1. Lisa Hauser OR 36:05,7 0*
2. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold NOR + 21,7 1
3. Tiril Eckhoff NOR 23,0 3
4. Marte Olsbu Röiseland NOR 23,6 1
5. Lisa Vittozzi ITA 48,9 1
6. Franziska Preuss GER 52,6 2
7. Hanna Öberg SWE 57,7 2
8. Dorothea Wierer ITA 1:05,3 3
9. Baiba Bendika Years 1:14,3 2
10. Vanessa Hinz GER 1:21,2 1

* Shooting error = penalty loops


21st of February Mass start men (15 km) 3.15 p.m. *

* live in ORF1

Medal table

Gold silver Bronze total
1. Norway 6 2 4 12
2. France 2 2 2 6
3. Sweden 2 2 2 6
4. Austria 1 2 3
5. Czech Republic 1 1
6. Germany 2 2
7. Russia 1 1
. Ukraine 1 1
. Belarus 1 1

Stand after eleven of twelve applications

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Biathlon World Cup Hauser runs historic gold


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