Biathlon World Cup: Peiffer awards medal chances in the last shooting – Biathlon World Cup

Biathlon World Cup: Peiffer awards medal chances in the last shooting - Biathlon World Cup

Sturla Holm Laegreid won his fourth title at the Biathlon World Cup in Slovenia in an impressive manner. After mixed relay, individual and relay, he is also at the top of the podium in the mass start. His teammate Johannes Dale (+10.2 seconds) and the Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet (+12.8 sec) also secured a medal in the final round

Arnd Peiffer had chances for precious metal until the last shooting, but two mistakes in the standing shot let these hopes fall. He crossed the finish line in twelfth place (3 errors / + 1: 09.2 minutes). Benedikt Doll had to say goodbye to the medal dreams after the first shooting and was 23rd (6 / + 2: 58.5 min).

National coach Kirchner: “Can’t speak of a disappointment

We certainly did not achieve what we wanted to achieve. At the world championship, the expectation is suddenly that you should win a medal in every race. Of course you want that. But if you’ve only been on the podium three times in the season, you can’t assume that we’ll be on the podium in every race here. We won an individual medal in the men, that was the goal.  The  women succeeded in the team competitions, but not in the other three. It certainly didn’t all work out, but when I look at the placements I can’t speak of a disappointment“, explained Mark Kirchner in ZDF.

Doll starts badly

With Arnd Peiffer and Benedikt Doll, the German Ski Association had two athletes in the 30-strong field. While the vice-world champion from the individual hit all five targets and placed eighth in the top group, after three mistakes and 450 additional meters, the race was practically over for Doll. Defending champion Johannes Thingnes Bö also found himself at the bottom of the field after two mistakes (+44.1 sec), but made up good ground on the way to the second shooting.

Tarjei Bö missed a vacant mat

© The re Peiffer again made no mistakes and thus remained part of the leading quintet. Pursuit world champion Emilien Jacquelin, who did not hit a single shot and was therefore able to switch to training mode, was hit hard. Johannes Thingnes Bö moved up to eighth place with zero errors (+38.0 sec). His brother Tarjei first missed a free range and then a target. So he fell back three positions. Doll was still 1:30 minute behind after five hits.

Peiffer falls behind after a mistake

In the third shooting, Peiffer got a penalty loop and thus initially lost contact with the leading trio of Sturla Holm Laegreid, Jakov Fak and Simon Eder. Together with the Italian Lukas Hofer, he took up the pursuit. Laegreid meanwhile made pace and pulled away from his two opponents. Doll was in 25th place after another mistake. Johannes Thingnes Bö also left the fight for the medals with two more mistakes.

Peiffer awards the medal chance

In the final shooting it got exciting again. © The  first three each made a mistake, Peiffer wanted to attack, but shot two tickets and was thus out of the podium race. So there was no change at the top, Peiffer dropped from five to twelve. Doll increased his mistake to six. While Laegreid ran undisturbed towards his fourth world title, Fak and Eder were still caught by Dale and Fillon Maillet.

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Biathlon World Cup Peiffer awards medal chances shooting Biathlon World Cup


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