Biathlon World Cup Pokljuka – Norway outstanding – Switzerland missed the top 10 twice – sport

Biathlon World Cup Pokljuka - Norway outstanding - Switzerland missed the top 10 twice - sport

  • At the Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka, the Swiss women’s relay had to admit defeat with 12th place.
  •  The  Norwegians secure the victory. Germany and Ukraine complete the podium.
  • For the Swiss men it is enough for 11th place. Norway triumphs again.

© The  Swiss women’s relay came as no surprise at the Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka, Slovenia. Aita, Selina and Elisa Gasparin as well as Lena Häcki, who contested the race for Switzerland, finished the relay in 12th place, more than 4 minutes behind. Norway secured victory ahead of Germany and Ukraine.

After the 3rd shooting, a top result for Switzerland was hardly possible. Selina Gasparin made 4 misses in prone and had to complete one penalty loop. ©

 The  deficit could not be made up for by the other Swiss women either.


 The  expectations of the Swiss team were significantly lower this year than they were a year ago. At that time, the Swiss women’s relay had shone in the World Cup with 3 podium places. Unfortunately, at the World Cup in Antholz, it didn’t work out with a medal. In the current season, an 8th place was the best result of the women’s relays in the World Cup before the World Cup.

Discussions about the choice of athletes

In the run-up to the World Championship relay, the choice of Swiss athletes also sparked discussions. Irene Cadurisch had to watch the season singles on Tuesday despite her 8th place. In the individual, she had been given preference over Aita Gasparin. ©

 The  attempt to succeed in the World Championship relay with the same athletes who were so convincing last year failed.

Swiss men also disappoint


 The  Swiss men missed the top 10. After 3 penalty loops came 11th place. ©

 The  quartet could hope for a coup until the 6th of 8 shoots, but Jeremy Finello made a penalty loop in standing.


 The  man from Geneva handed over eighth place 1:46 minutes behind to Serafin Wiestner, who delivered the worse result with two penalties. Before that, Niklas Hartweg and Benjamin Weger had launched Switzerland great with one and two spare rounds respectively.


 The  favored Norway prevailed superiorly. Silver went to Sweden and bronze to the Russian team under a neutral flag.

This is how it continues at the World Cup


 The  competitions in Pokljuka will end on Sunday. A mass start race is on the program for both women and men. For women (from 12:15 p.m.) over 12.5 km, for men (from 3:00 p.m.) over 15 km. You can follow both races live on SRF Zwei and in the Sport App.

After 10 of 12 World Cup decisions

1. Norway 6 1 3 10
2. France 2 2 2 6
3. Sweden 1 3 2 6
4. Czech Republic 1 1
5. Austria 2 2
5. Germany 2 2
7. Belarus 1 1
7. Ukraine 1 1
7. RBU 1 1

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Biathlon World Cup Pokljuka Norway outstanding Switzerland missed top sport


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