Bill Gates on Corona Conspiracy Theories: “Something New for Me”


 The  corona pandemic is “an example of not doing enough in advance,” says Bill Gates. He had no idea that he would be confronted with so many conspiracy theories.

Entrepreneur and founder Bill Gates never expected to be confronted with so many conspiracy theories. “I foresaw the pandemic, but not these conspiracy theories,” Gates said in an interview with “Die Zeit”. According to the weekly newspaper, Gates called for a public lecture in 2015 to prepare for a possible pandemic.

As a sponsor of vaccination campaigns, the 65-year-old is an enemy of the so-called lateral thinker scene. “I was already controversial during my time at Microsoft, so I’m used to controversy, but conspiracy theories are something new to me,” said Gates.

“Yes, this is a stressful time, and yes, people sometimes look for simple explanations when something bad happens,” the Microsoft founder told the newspaper. Still, he found it difficult to understand the widespread belief that a monolithic group of people was secretly planning negative things against the population.

Gates called the corona pandemic “an example of not doing enough in advance”. “©

 The  health professionals and I, who have asked for more, will have to ask ourselves: why weren’t we more convincing?”

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