Bill Gates wants to save the world: “We have to do almost everything differently”


To be more precise: “We have to do almost everything differently,” explains Gates, repeatedly listing the technologies that he believes need to be researched:

  • CO2-free hydrogen production
  • CO2-neutral cement
  • CO2-neutral steel
  • CO2-neutral fertilizer
  • CO2-neutral plastic
  • CO2 capture from the air or from exhaust systems
  • Geothermal energy
  • Electricity storage on a network scale, sufficient for several months
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Biofuels
  • Plant-based meat and dairy products
  • Next generation nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion (fusion reactor as the sun represents one)

Gates continues to appeal that the governments are called upon to ensure that these technologies can be used as quickly as possible. Among other things, he demands a five-fold increase in the budget for research and development, investments in “high-risk, but also particularly promising research and development projects” and a focus on basic research on new types of concepts that result in a “useful and commercially successful product” can be made.

Of course, the billionaire also speaks out in favor of pricing, whether as a tax or via trading systems. This is essential because it sends the message to the market that products that cause additional costs are associated with it. What you do with the income is irrelevant, you can also give it back to people or use it for research.

What impression remains of Gates book?  The re is someone who on the one hand does not say a word about renunciation or restrictions in the affluent societies or about the climate youth movement. On the other hand, the billionaire Gates is a contemporary witness who has experienced the power of a technological revolution (also in his own stock exchange) and therefore has hope that technology could also prevent the climate catastrophe.

After all, this is a specific instruction. It is doubtful whether it is feasible.

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Bill Gates save world differently


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