Biontech: does the vaccine also protect against infections? ++ Continental: dividend policy puts share under pressure ++ SAF Holland: strong final spurt


China has called on the US to realign its policies and put an end to existing punitive tariffs and sanctions. Beijing hopes that the US will adjust its policy “as soon as possible” and “abandon unreasonable tariffs on Chinese goods,” said Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a speech at a political forum in Beijing on Monday. Chinese companies should also no longer be subject to unilateral sanctions.

“We are ready for open communication with the US side,” said Wang Yi. He also called on Washington to respect China’s core interests and “stop smearing” the Communist Party and the Chinese political system.

After Donald Trump took a tough line against Beijing, relations between the two largest economies have never been worse. Even the new US President Joe Biden initially showed no change of course in his first few weeks in office.

On his first phone call with China’s state and party leader Xi Jinping two weeks ago, the differences between the two powers had openly collided. According to the White House, Biden underscored his “fundamental concerns about Beijing coercive and unfair economic practices, repression in Hong Kong, human rights abuses in Xinjiang and increasingly challenging actions in the region, including against Taiwan ”.

China’s president opposed this. He warned of a “confrontation” that “is definitely catastrophic for both countries and the world”.

Dax: Leading index hit more and more

Losses determined the start of trading on the German stock market on Monday.  The  mark of 13,900 points in the Dax fell. Investors react nervously to rising interest rates on the bond market and are also concerned about the ongoing corona restrictions. Shortly after the start of trading, the German benchmark index fell by 0.82 percent to 13,879.02 points.


 The  MDax of medium-sized companies lost 1.29 percent to 31,965.71 points and the Eurozone benchmark index EuroStoxx 50 fell by 0.94 percent to 3,678.61 points.

Biontech: Does the vaccine also protect against infection?

According to an unpublished publication, the corona vaccine could also protect against infection with the pathogen. So far, there has only been knowledge to what extent the agent protects against diseases. ©

 The  active ingredient is “highly effective” in preventing infections with Sars-CoV-2, according to a manuscript for a study by the two manufacturers together with the Israeli Ministry of Health. However, the study authors also write that their approach could lead to the effect of vaccination on infections being overestimated.


 The  study results are difficult to assess. ©

 The  manuscript was presented to Israeli journalists from the Internet portal “ynet“Leaked and is not officially published, neither on a preprint server nor in one of subject matter experts examined Trade journal. It is available to the German Press Agency. Biontech did not want to comment on the document when asked on Sunday. ©

 The  Ministry of Health did not comment either.


 The  study manuscript is based on Israeli health data from vaccinated and unvaccinated people. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach was very optimistic about the results of the study.

So far it was unclear to what extent the vaccine of Biontech/ Pfizer prevents coronavirus infections. Because the first results of a large clinical investigation with more than 40,000 test persons did not refer to infections, but to diseases. According to this early study, the Biontech– Vaccine based on diseases 95 percent effectiveness. This means that 95 percent fewer diseases occurred among the subjects in a vaccinated group than among those in a control group. In order to get the pandemic under control as quickly as possible, not only diseases should be prevented, but chains of infection should also be broken.


 The  corona vaccine from the German company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer, according to new information from the manufacturer, it can also be stored at higher temperatures. According to new studies, the vaccine remains stable for two weeks at minus 25 to minus 15 degrees Celsius, the company said on Friday. ©

 The  new data has already been submitted to the US FDA to adjust the emergency approval accordingly. Until now, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the vaccine had to be stored at minus 80 to minus 60 degrees, which made the logistics for vaccination difficult.

Continental: Foregoing dividends puts pressure on the share

Because of the difficult business situation, the shareholders of Continental No dividend received for Corona year 2020. After examining the books, the auto supplier and tire manufacturer found a negative group result. ©

 The refore, the upcoming annual general meeting at the end of April will propose the waiver of a dividend, it was said on Friday evening by the Dax group in Hanover. For the year before, there was still 3 euros per share, despite the red numbers. CFO Wolfgang Schäfer had already indicated last November that a turn to profit could no longer succeed.


 The  Conti share lost around 3 percent after the trading hours. In view of the economic crisis and decreasing sales in the pandemic, at least a reduced profit sharing of the owners was foreseeable anyway, but analysts had expected an average of around 2 euros to be paid out. In the second and third quarters of 2020, the bottom line was that Conti had suffered high three-digit million losses. Ongoing business was then more stable again in the third quarter. But structural change and the gloomy prospects for global car production are keeping the industry under pressure.

Works Council Chairman Hasan Allak had demanded that the shareholders waive the internal austerity measures and had already proposed that no dividend be paid out for 2020. “With the temporary suspension of the group profit-sharing scheme, among other things, the employees have made a significant contribution to reducing costs,” he said – not to mention the very painful job losses. Other groups would also have to “make tangible contributions”. Conti is in a complex conversion to include more electronics, sensors and software.


 The  company will continue to adhere to its basic, medium-term dividend policy of distributing 15 to 30 percent of consolidated profit, said Conti.

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In a nutshell:

SAF Holland: ©

 The  commercial vehicle supplier SAF-Holland was able to contain the significant losses in the Corona year 2020 in the final quarter. Especially with the adjusted operating margin before interest and taxes (Ebit) did that SDax-Company in the fourth quarter with an increase of 4.7 percent in the same quarter of the previous year to now more than 8 percent significant progress, as it was called by SAF-Holland on Monday based on preliminary figures. Sales of the Bessenbacher remained around 9 percent below the previous year’s figure at a little more than 250 million euros. ©

 The  share climbed by over three percent in the pre-trading session. Over the year, the wounds caused by the temporary collapse of the commercial vehicle market were more clearly visible. Sales fell by a good quarter to 959.5 million euros, primarily due to the dwindling business in original equipment. However, due to savings in administration and sales costs, the operating margin remained largely stable compared to the previous year’s value of 6.2 percent – in 2020 it was slightly above the forecast raised to 5 to 6 percent in November. SAF-Holland intends to present the complete figures on March 25th.

SNP: After the successful introduction of “Cloud Move for Azure “last year, dhe software specialist seother Intensify cooperation with Microsoft. ©

 The  new, independent software component of the SNP data transformation platform CrystalBridge(R) was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft’s cloud experts and has already been used in migration projects, where it delivered quick results and accelerated the assessment phase. This prompted Microsoft to expand its collaboration with SNP as a preferred partner for SAP on Azure migrations. For SNP, in turn, Microsoft will be the be the preferred cloud provider. Microsoft customers planning to move to the cloud can use theirSAP systems with the new Cloud Move for Azure software as part of the highly automated CrystalBridge(R) -solutions fast and with minimal risk migrate and benefit in the future from the results of the joint Development and project work.

Schaeffler: ©

 The  auto and industrial supplier Schaeffler does not want to split up like some other auto and conglomerates are currently doing. “Just separate about separating Will is not a coherent concept, even if the stock market occasionally thinks something like this is great, ”said Schaeffler CEO Klaus Rosenfeld of the“ Süddeutsche Zeitung ”(Monday). “Schaeffler is not a conglomerate in the classic sense, but an integrated technology group that serves various sectors,” Rosenfeld told the newspaper. ©

 The  activities in the group are usually linked by a common production technology. Schaeffler is currently doing better than it was a few years ago.

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