Biontech vaccine almost 96 percent effective after two doses of vaccine


As the Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Saturday, two weeks after the second dose of vaccination, 95.8 percent fewer infections were found in vaccinated people than in non-vaccinated people. One week after the second dose, the effectiveness was 91.9 percent. According to the study, the vaccine also protects 99.2 percent from serious illness and 98.9 percent from fatal outcome two weeks after the second dose.  The  Israeli vaccination campaign is considered to be the most successful in the world. In Israel, which has around nine million inhabitants, according to new information from the Ministry of Health, 4.25 million people have already received at least one corona vaccine dose. 2.88 million people have already received both of the vaccine doses necessary for complete immunization. Everyone aged 16 and over can now make an appointment for a vaccination.



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Biontech vaccine percent effective doses vaccine


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