Bitcoin – no more LOL for Elon Musk


 The  founder of the electric car group Tesla has become an important driver for the Bitcoin price. He now gets to feel that himself.

Elon Musk is the Alan Greenspan of bitcoin. Just as the legendary US Federal Reserve President once moved the financial markets with his encrypted speeches, Musk is now fueling the most important digital currency with his short messages.

For example, the news that the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, which he founded, is investing around $ 1.5 billion in company money in Bitcoin, has given the cryptocurrency a hefty tinder. Bitcoin climbed to over $ 50,000 – until it crashed by up to $ 10,000 at the beginning of the week and is currently trading at $ 47,890.

«Too lofty heights»


 The  observers agree that one of the reasons for this was once again the Tesla founder. Last weekend, on the short message service Twitter, he said what many market participants secretly thought after book profits of 400 percent in the year: Bitcoin has soared to lofty heights. To put it in Musk, “©

 The  prices look a little high LOL.”


 The  consequences for himself were then less “laughing out loud” than the agency “Bloomberg” (Item paid) calculated. Because his comment not only caused the Bitcoin positions in Tesla’s portfolio to shrink, but also the price of Tesla shares.

Tesla course under pressure

With a performance of over 340 percent, the titles have gained almost as much in value as Bitcoin in the past twelve months and have therefore been compared with the digital currency more often. Yesterday, Monday, the Tesla share price slipped more than 8 percent, which corresponds to a destroyed book value of more than 15 billion dollars.

Taken together, this has meant that Musk is no longer the richest person in the world. He has not yet posted a tweet about this sensitive setback.

ESG is currently the most important trend in asset management. Does he bring anything?

  • Yes, there is no getting around ESG today.

  • A bit of ESG in the portfolio doesn’t hurt.

  • ESG eats away the return.

  • No, because ESG is just a marketing tool.

  • ESG criteria are an unclear measure and therefore useless.


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Bitcoin LOL Elon Musk


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