Bitcoin to the moon- will the price rally continue? %


Bitcoin to the moon. ©

 The  price rally is back. After the Bitcoin hit its temporary all-time high earlier this year, the coin is now really going off again. ©

 The  cryptocurrency is now at its all-time high at over $ 60,000.
To make it clear: This is 3 times more than at the time of the first big hype in 2017.

Twitter king Musk


 The  billionaire and richest man in the world, Elon Musk, also contributed a bit to the boom in the cryptocurrency. ©

 The  electric icon pushed the currency rate higher and higher via the social media platform Twitter. For Musk, however, this is more than just fun, his company Tesla is with more than 1.5 billion Dollar itself invested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin soon the new euro?

One of the fantasies behind the hype is the idea that Bitcoin could become a new, established currency. For example, the new, digital euro or dollar. ©

 The  signs are growing that, contrary to the expectations of many, this could become a reality in the future. In the future, Telsa will also sell its electric cars via Bitcoin.

 The  speculators’ hope now is that this is not just a marketing gimmick from the California company, but that other established companies could follow suit.

To the moon or correction?

However, thanks to the many speculators and good news in recent months, Bitcoin has done extremely well. ©

 The  urgent question is whether Bitcoin could suffer the same fate as 2017/18, which caused the cryptocurrency to crash after its all-time high of just under 20,000 dollars. ©

 The  fact is, no share, no cryptocurrency and no raw material in the world can only increase in price. Sooner or later, Bitcoin will also have to accept a painful setback. ©

 The  question, however, is whether he will shake it off and leave it behind in the long term or whether it will ruin the cryptocurrency. In the past few weeks, a number of stocks (PlugPower, GameStop, Nel Asa) have been pushed for no fundamental reasons, but then they have a little support.
However, it shows that the new generation of investors is less risk averse. For many, the (crypto) exchange is entertainment. However, the risk affinity of investors could benefit the bitcoin price.

If you are interested in Musk’s possible calculation behind the Bitcoin investment, let you through the following article:

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Bitcoin moon price rally continue


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