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With a new trailer, Blizzard Entertainment has announced another class for the role-playing game Diablo 4. In the approximately four-minute long video, the hunter presents herself, who is evidently characterized by thieving skills and flexibility. So now only one class of Diablo 4 that was previously unknown is missing.

As part of Blizzcon 2021, the publisher Blizzard Entertainment has released new information about Diablo 4 after a long time. With a trailer of around four minutes, the publisher is introducing a new class.

 The  presentation of the video is in typical Blizzard manner, above all epic and story-heavy. With this, fans of the franchise should get their money’s worth. ©

 The  new class is the huntress or “Rogue” in English.

Diablo 4: What Can the Slayer Do?


 The  huntress is characterized by flexibility. She exposes daggers and swords in close combat and can strike down her enemies from a distance with the help of a bow and arrow. Furthermore, the hunter has special abilities such as traps, poisons or shadow magic. ©

 The re are also other skills that we will probably only learn at a later point in time. So far, Blizzard Entertainment has announced four classes for Diablo 4.

In addition to the huntress, the barbarian, the sorceress and the druid are now known. A fifth class has not yet been announced for Blizzcon 2021. However, it seems likely that Blizzard Entertainment will reveal more details as the release approaches. Diablo 4 is unlikely to be released this year. For the year 2021, Diablo 2: Resurrected has been announced for the Diablo franchise, which is a remake of the popular classic role-playing game.

Those: Blizzard News

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Diablo 4: ©

 The  Slayer in the brilliant cinematic trailer

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Blizzard announces slayer


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