Blizzard Arcade Collection: Three classic arcade games available now


Just in time for BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard Entertainment surprised everyone with the release of three classics as part of the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

In the new Blizzard Arcade Collection, the iconic developer studio is bringing back the games that ultimately led to the creation of Blizzard Entertainment. © The se are ©

 The  Lost Vikings, Rock N ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne, which are now available on the PC (via, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.


 The  digital collection of the original hits has been updated accordingly and made playable on current platforms. Thanks to the downward compatibility, this also applies to the current PS5 and Xbox Series X / S platforms. On the PC, the collection is part of the Anniversary Collection – a package full of items and extras for Blizzard games to mark the studio’s 30th anniversary.

All three titles are available in the original, but also as an optimized Definitive Edition. Among other things, you can look forward to customizable key assignments, a 10-second rewind function, sometimes a watch mode and more.

In ©

 The  Lost Vikings you slip into the roles of Erik the Nimble, Olaf the Strong and Balegon the Terrible. ©

 The  three Vikings have to combine their skills and solve hundreds of puzzles, conquer opponents and embark on a dangerous journey home. ©

 The  Definitive Edition also has bonus levels and a co-op mode for three players.

Rock N ‘Roll Racing is a thoroughly destructive racing game experience with trapped racetracks and rock and metal soundtracks. Blackthorne revolves around the story of Kyle “Blackthorne” Vlaros, a commando who resorts to an increasingly powerful shotgun. With the protagonist you have to fight your way through a futuristic alien world in 2D.

Blizzard Arcade Collection – Announcement Trailer
As part of the Blizzard Arcade Collection, you get some arcade classics from the cult studio at hand.

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Blizzard Arcade Collection classic arcade games


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