BMW OS 7: Remote Software Upgrade 11/20 brings Alexa into the car


BMW has announced the availability of the next major remote software upgrade with version number 11/20, which will be offered for more than one million vehicles with BMW Operating System 7.  The  new version brings Amazon Alexa into the car, simplifies the transfer of driver profiles and extends the BMW Assistant.

© The  Remote Software Upgrade 11/2020 (RSU) can be installed on all model series with BMW Operating System 7, which has been offered since 2018 with the then new X5. © The  upgrade will be distributed immediately, but as with Android updates for smartphones, not to all cars at once. Especially since, due to the corona situation with effects on the availability of support capacities, there could be delays in the roll-out of the current upgrade in individual markets, according to BMW.

Vehicles produced from November 2020 are already equipped with the new version ex works. © The  requirement for installing the RSU 11/20 is the RSU 07/20, which has been available since mid-October last year. As BMW explains, only the next possible upgrade is offered. ©

 The  user can never install the wrong version.

If these requirements are met, the update can be downloaded, transferred and installed directly in the Auto Over the Air (OTA) or first via the smartphone. According to an infographic, the update measures 800 MB to 1.2 GB, depending on the vehicle. © The  more extensive upgrades like the 07/20 or now the 11/20 should “rarely more than 20 minutes“Need.

Alexa moves into the car

© The  RSU 11/20 comes with a deep integration of Amazon Alexa, so that the voice assistant can be used in the car like at home. BMW cites the processing of shopping lists, calling up messages or playing music as examples. Smart home devices connected to the voice assistant can also be controlled from the car via Alexa. Amazon Alexa is initially available in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Italy, in subsequent upgrades the Alexa integration is to be extended to other countries.

Transfer driver profiles quickly

With the update, BMW is simplifying the handling of driver profiles. © The se can now be transferred more quickly to other BMW vehicles, including rental vehicles, using the My BMW app via QR code scan. In addition to the standard images, driver profiles can now also be provided with a personal profile image. Climate and navigation settings as well as favorites are automatically transferred to the vehicle with the driver profile. Personal settings such as the seat position, exterior mirrors and preferred driver assistance settings can also be stored in the profile and move from one vehicle to the next by scanning the QR code. If the driver profile has been linked to the car key, the settings are loaded as soon as the car is opened.

Disconnect the app and BMW ID

As important as the link to a car can be, correct deletion when dropping off or returning vehicles is just as important. If the vehicle is reset to the factory settings, all connections to the My BMW app or a BMW ID are now also disconnected, which was previously not possible. When BMW Connected was tested four years ago, the car could still be seen in the app weeks later, even though it had previously been reset.

BMW M: Hear the sound and record lap times

With the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA), BMW also offers its own voice assistant, which is given a very special extension with the RSU 11/20. Anyone who wants to know how one of the BMW M models sounds can now ask the IPA exactly that. “Hey BMW, how does a BMW M8 sound?“, Plays the sound of the requested car through the audio system.

© The  new BMW M lap timer hits a similar notch, which records sensor data directly from the vehicle (accelerator pedal position, revolutions, G-meter and more) on the racetrack and makes lap times, driving time or distance covered for the customer at any time, even while driving. All the data from the BMW M laptimer can be analyzed in detail after the journey and are meaningfully prepared in advance.

Active navigation guidance for more countries

© The re is an expansion for active navigation guidance, which, after Germany, is now also available in France, Portugal and Spain. With this feature, the navigation system suggests a lane change if this is necessary in order to follow the selected route. If a traffic gap is detected, the active navigation system waits up to the level of the traffic gap and then indicates the change of lane.

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BMW Remote Software Upgrade brings Alexa car


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