Bodypacker swallowed 214 packets of cocaine and heroin – Austria


© The  45-year-old was carrying 214 containers of cocaine and heroin.
©LPD N/SPK Schwechat

A body packer transported more than two kilos of cocaine and heroin, which was taken out of circulation at Vienna Airport in Schwechat.

According to the state police headquarters of Lower Austria, the drugs of high quality had a street sales value of almost half a million euros on Monday.

Smugglers carried 214 containers of cocaine and heroin

© The  man was already blown on September 19, 2020 during a joint control by the police and customs at the airport. © The  45-year-old Nigerian citizen who traveled from Brussels got caught up in contradictions during a questioning. © The  investigators’ suspicions were subsequently confirmed during a CT examination in a Vienna hospital.

© The  45-year-old was arrested and taken to the Vienna-Josefstadt prison by order of the Korneuburg public prosecutor’s office. According to the police, he left no fewer than 214 containers of cocaine and heroin of around ten grams each over a three-day period. Ultimately, 1,905 grams of cocaine and 200 grams of heroin were seized.

45-year-old sentenced to four years in prison

© The  smuggler has now been sentenced to four years imprisonment at the Korneuburg Regional Court. In the course of further investigations, the man was found to have been smuggled to Austria 29 flights. According to the police, the 45-year-old did not confess to this.

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Bodypacker swallowed packets cocaine heroin Austria


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