Bonnie Tyler: She learned to swim in lockdown


It’s never too late to start something new: Bonnie Tyler learned to swim during the lockdown at the age of 69, as she said in an interview.

With 69 years is far from over: Bonnie Tyler (“Total Eclipse Of  The  Heart”) has been on stage for over 50 years and has sold over 100 million records. In the Corona lockdown, she also proved that there is still a lot of energy in her: “I finally learned to swim at the age of 69,” she said in an interview with the news agency spot on news. “So I can really say: it’s never too late to learn something.” In the Corona period, the singer also enjoys “having to cook”.


 The  British singer has been spending the time since the first lockdown with her husband Robert Sullivan (71) in Portugal. “We were very fortunate that Robert and I booked flights just before the lockdown to spend a week’s vacation in our beautiful house in the Algarve, Portugal. That was on March 12, 2020 and we’ve been here ever since,” says Bonnie Tyler. She misses her family in the UK “so much” “But the fact is, even if I were at home in Wales, I shouldn’t be able to see them anyway . But we always talk to each other on the phone and thank God everyone is safe and healthy, “says the 69-year-old.

Bonnie Tyler still has “many tours planned”

Music helps her in difficult times like these: “We turn the radio on every morning. Music is my life,” says Tyler. ©

 The  lives of musicians and stage crews are particularly difficult due to the corona pandemic. “In the longer term, however, things will be the way they were,” the singer gives an outlook. “But probably not before 2022.” Tyler misses her audience, her band and her crew. “It will be so emotional when we can finally perform together again.”

Before further stage appearances, Bonnie Tyler first releases new music: With her album “©

 The  Best Is Yet To Come”, which will be released on February 26th, she wants to follow her biggest 80s hits like “Total Eclipse Of ©

 The  Heart” and “Holding Out For A Hero”. On the new long player, Bonnie Tyler captured “that fantastic timeless rock feeling that I love”.

Where does the singer still get her great energy from at the age of 69? “I’m excited and full of energy when I listen to music and get goose bumps when I hear certain songs that were written especially for me. I can’t wait to record them and put my stamp on them.” She also wants to live her energy to the full on stage: “I have planned a lot of tours, so the new songs from ‘©

 The  Best Is Yet To Come’ have to be rehearsed so that we can rock the stage again! I can’t wait! ”



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Bonnie Tyler learned swim lockdown


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