Bookings rise by 500 percent: Britons rush into vacation planning


Bookings increase by 500 percent
Britons rush into vacation planning

If everything goes according to plan, almost all corona restrictions will be lifted in Great Britain from the end of June. An extended summer vacation seems feasible again: Many British people book flights into the European sun for July to September. But there are still some hurdles to overcome.
Many Brits booked holidays after the official opening plan was announced.  The  low-cost airline Easyjet announced that flight bookings had tripled compared to the previous week. ©

 The  airline also counted more than six times as many travel bookings. Destinations in Spain such as Malaga, Alicante and Palma, Faro in Portugal and destinations in Greece such as the island of Crete were in demand. ©

 The  world’s largest tour operator TUI also saw a booking increase of 500 percent overnight. TUI boss Fritz Joussen recently predicted a travel boom in the summer.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented a four-step plan on Monday. After this, almost all corona restrictions will lapse from the end of June if the infection situation allows it. Great Britain is hardest hit by the pandemic in Europe, but already furthest with the Covid vaccination campaign.

Travel warnings? Quarantine?

Airlines and travel events have high hopes for the summer travel season after their business has largely been on the floor since the outbreak of the corona pandemic a year ago. Shares in airlines and tour operators rose sharply on the London Stock Exchange: Easyjet gained more than nine percent. ©

 The  British-Spanish aviation group IAG and TUI rose by six percent.

As Easyjet further explained, most bookings were received for August, followed by July and September. At TUI, hotels and resorts in Spain, Greece and Turkey were in high demand from July. It remains to be seen how the British government will proceed with the travel warnings.

So far, most travel destinations are still banned until May 17th. ©

 The  government has announced a reassessment for April 12th. Airlines and tour operators hope that the deterrent ten-day quarantine obligation after the return trip will also no longer apply. In addition, the destination countries would have to lift entry bans for the British, which France and Spain had imposed because of the presumably more contagious virus mutation in Great Britain.

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Bookings rise percent Britons rush vacation planning


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