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It’s the second round!

On Monday evening, Sat.1 “Breakfast TV” presenter Alina Merkau (34) shared sugar-sweet news with her fans on Instagram: She is pregnant again!

Together with her husband Rael Hoffmann (36), the beautiful blonde already has a daughter. Little Rosa (4) is now going to be a big sister.

But whether Alina and her small family can look forward to a girl or a boy is not quite clear, like the presenter in the Sat.1-Webshow betrays.

Nevertheless, she notices that this pregnancy is a little different for her: “It really is the case that you are much more relaxed with the second child – from the beginning. This excitement is simply not there anymore. ”

And further: “At the same time you also know what a birth is like – and I could do without one or two things this time. Especially after giving birth. As a mother, I think that you are not prepared enough for what the two weeks after a birth are like – in all areas of the body. “

Birth and pregnancy are not a picnic for a moderator either. Nevertheless, she fully enjoys this special time. “My first pregnancy was very nice.

 The  second is a bit more strenuous, but is still very nice, ”reveals Merkau.

And the best thing about this magical time? Merkau: “I’m actually most looking forward to the first four weeks. This real childbed with such a very small baby. When everything starts like this and you get to know the essence. “

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Breakfast presenter Alina Merkau pregnant people


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