Breath of the Wild 2: No release announcement – Nintendo clarifies


 The re were many game announcements during Nintendo Direct. Breath of the Wild 2 fans, however, received nothing. Now Nintendo gives an explanation.

Update from February 18, 2021: © The  Nintendo Direct waited yesterday with lots of new games for that Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo in the coming months of the first half of the year. But the fans waited in vain for an announcement: for that Release announcement from Breath of the Wild 2. Had forgotten Nintendo the long-awaited title of ©

 The  Legend of Zelda-Reihe However not.

Name of the game ©

 The  Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

developer Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Serie ©

 The  Legend of Zelda

Designer Hidemaro Fujibayashi
editor Nintendo
platform Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Pro (unbestätigt)

Breath of the Wild 2: Possible release announcement – Nintendo Direct date no coincidence


 The  producer of the ©

 The  Legend of Zelda-Reihe, Eiji Aonuma, bat die Fans for a little more patience and commented in a short statement:©

 The  development is going well, so we can probably present you with new information this year.” Fans from Breath of the Wild So don’t have to hang your head right now, because one might suit us Release announcement of the sequel later in the year.

First report from February 17, 2021: Kyoto, Japan – Finally the time has come. This evening at 11 p.m. German time the Nintendo Direct instead of. ©

 The n Nintendo will announce, among other things, the latest games for the Nintendo Switch, which should appear on the market in early 2021. ©

 The re is that date of the Nintendo Direct Notes on a possible announcement of the already eagerly by Fans expected game Breath of the Wild 2. May be vowed to us soon Release of the sequel?

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. It’s been four years since the first part of the ©

 The  Legend of Zelda-Reihe appeared and the Fans excited. Together with the Nintendo Switch the game appeared then and became a hit. ©

 The y have been waiting ever since Fans Longing for a continuation of the exciting story around Zelda and Link in their fight against ruin. Announced in a teaser trailer at E3 2019 Nintendo Breath of the Wild 2 on, but after that the company never said a word about it. However, the today Nintendo Direct finally be an end to the radio silence.


 The  date of the Nintendo Direct February 17th is possibly not by chance from Nintendo for its great announcement from Nintendo Switch games been selected. Indeed appeared on February 21, 1986 ©

 The  Legend of Zelda. This means that the series will celebrate its 35th anniversary in just a few days. And just as Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of Super Mario with a series of new games, we may now have one Release announcement from Breath of the Wild 2 into the house.

Breath of the Wild 2: release announcement today? Nintendo Direct date provides information

© Nintendo

Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo Direct gives hope – release announcement in sight?

Nintendo could be a big surprise for Zelda-Fans plan to celebrate the 35th birthday of the ©

 The  Legend of Zelda-Reihe to celebrate properly. May be working Nintendo older on some remaster editions Zelda gameswho are still on the Nintendo Wii or on the Nintendo DS ran. Since the main part of Breath of the Wild 2019 together with the Nintendo Switch appeared on the market, it is possible that Nintendo is planning something bigger. An insider leak points to an announcement by Breath of the Wild along with the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Ob Nintendo on the Nintendo Direct the eagerly awaited Breath of the Wild 2 will announce remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however: Nintendo is being held in honor of the 35th anniversary of the ©

 The  Legend of Zelda-Reihe surely something very special for his Fans come up with. ©

 The  leak from an online retailer about the release of Breath of the Wild sounds very promising. According to him, the Release from Breath of the Wild 2 be very close. We are excited to see what the in Kyoto resident group today on the big Nintendo Direct will announce.

Picture list: © Nintendo

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Breath Wild release announcement Nintendo clarifies


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