British press: What Charles’ visit to Prince Philip’s hospital means


Queen husband Prince Philip received a visit from his son Prince Charles in the hospital over the weekend.  The  99-year-old stayed in the private King Edward VII clinic in London, where Charles (72) visited him on Saturday for around half an hour.

In the hospital since Tuesday


 The  aged prince consort was hospitalized for a few days on Tuesday evening for observation – according to the palace in London, a purely precautionary measure. What the Duke of Edinburgh suffered from remained a private matter. However, the stay should not be related to Corona. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband both had their first corona vaccination in January.

Prince Philip is in good spirits, but will probably stay in the hospital until next week, it said on Friday. ©

 The  Queen and other members of the royal family continued to attend official appointments throughout the week. Observers had initially seen this as a reassuring sign of the Prince Consort’s state of health.

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British press Charles visit Prince Philips hospital means


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