Bundesliga: Clear statement from Salzburg in the title fight

Bundesliga: Clear statement from Salzburg in the title fight

Salzburg now ranks six points ahead of their first rival Rapid, but given the fact that they were four laps away, the beauty of the evening for coach Jesse Marsch lay in a different circumstance. “More important than the table for me is simply the feeling that we were able to act so dominantly against the strongest opponents,” said Marsch, who rated the sovereign performance all the more highly after the disappointment in the Europa League. “We also needed this good reaction,” said the American.

Apart from about 20 minutes in the middle of the first half, Salzburg had the game completely under control. Rapid was overwhelmed with Salzburg’s aggressiveness and offensive power. In addition to Daka, who single-handedly made the decision with his three goals to 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0 (30th, 64th, 70th), Mergim Berisha acted as a four-time assistant for Daka and the substitute Karim Adeyemi (92nd) emerged. Daka took over the lead from teammate Koita (14) in the goalscorer list with 16 goals this season. “It was a dominant evening for us, an extremely important moment this season,” said Marsch.

Salzburg defeated Rapid 4-2

After the duel between the current table leaders Salzburg and the runner-up Rapid ended 1: 1 in November, the reigning champions won on Sunday. Red Bull Salzburg won 4-2.

Rapid must “accept” Salzburg’s strength

If Rapid coach Dietmar Kühbauer has his way, his colleague doesn’t have to worry about being left empty-handed in summer.

 The  faint hopes of dethroning the series champion are currently buried. “Ultimately, we have to accept the strength of Salzburg,” said a somewhat disillusioned Kühbauer, looking back on recent encounters, where only 1-1 in the first duel of this season can be considered a small success. “We tried so much against Salzburg, but in the end Salzburg was always better,” said Kühbauer.

In the most recent duel, “we didn’t succeed in what we intended to close the center, because they are incredibly dangerous and incredibly fast,” the Burgenlander analyzed. “We lost the balls too quickly. © www.de24.news

 The  team simply didn’t have enough ideas and the courage, and the duel strength wasn’t that great either. ”

Only the alleged goal by Taxiarchis Fountas, which was denied in the 28th minute due to a questionable offside decision, could have saved the game, according to Kühbauer. In return the goal is conceded, then it’s very, very difficult here. ”© www.de24.news

 The  inclusion of Srdan Grahovac for Fountas at the break also didn’t work. “Even then, the team didn’t bring what we set out to do.”

“We can do better”

But he did not want to go too hard with his troops after the first defeat in 2021. “I found the team to be capable of delivering a good game here,” said Kühbauer and emphasized: “We can do better.” However, Salzburg is the league’s croesus. “© www.de24.news

 The y’re just amazing quality, they spent eleven million on Okafor. I haven’t spent that in my entire time since I’ve been with Rapid, ”he cited a financial example.

To oust Salzburg from the throne, you needed “a flow like Austria Wien back then (2012/13, note), but the gap has widened compared to that time because Salzburg has done well for years,” says Kühbauer. “You have the best opportunities over 32 laps.”

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Bundesliga Clear statement Salzburg title fight


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