Bundesliga incidence value: spectacular numbers surfaced! Crystal clear assumption about corona cases

 Bundesliga incidence value: spectacular numbers surfaced!  Crystal clear assumption about corona cases

After Goretzka and Müller, the virus caught the next Bayern regular – and that before a big game. An incidence projection for the Bundesliga makes one sit up and take notice.

  •  The  fourth player at FC Bayern has already tested positive for Corona.
  • © www.de24.news The  incident comes just before the game of the triple winner against Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • Meanwhile, an extrapolation is circulating about the average incidence value of the Bundesliga.
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Munich – No diaper helps against this bladder weakness! Benjamin Pavard (24) is the fourth FC Bayern player to have contracted the corona virus in the last four weeks. Life in the soccer bubble, which is being tested closely and largely shields itself from the public, does not protect against the pandemic. That raises questions.

For example: Why does it hit Bayern more and more these days? This is so far completely unclear. A passing on of the virus among team colleagues – for example from Thomas Müller to Pavard – can neither be excluded nor proven. After Müller had tested positive during the Club World Cup in Qatar, his teammates were subjected to daily examinations, even on days off.

Pavard was negative until Wednesday, only then was corona viruses detected in his smear. According to the Munich sports doctor and internist Karlheinz Zeilberger, “the official incubation period is one to 14 days”. In theory, Müller could have infected Pavard.

Fourth corona case at Bayern Munich: “© www.de24.news

 The  defender is fine”

After the first reports on Wednesday evening, FC Bayern only confirmed on Thursday morning that Pavard was infected. “He is in quarantine at home. © www.de24.news

 The  defender is fine, ”said the club’s statement. Even with previous corona cases, the Munich communicated relatively late.

To tz-Information is related to the fact that the club is now playing it safe after false-positive tests with Niklas Süle, Serge Gnabry and Joshua Zirkzee. Müller, for example, was tested three times (once negative, twice positive) in Qatar after an initial positive result. A false alarm should be excluded.

FC Bayern Munich: Goretzka and Martinez conceivable in the game against Eintracht Frankfurt

As usual, Pavard also has the rule that he has to be in domestic isolation for ten to 14 days. He can then resume training if the test is negative. Leon Goretzka and Javi Martinez are now involved again, on Thursday they completed the full team training. A return against Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday is possible, then Goretzka would have been out for three weeks and Martinez for a month.

If you look at the entire Bundesliga, the number of corona cases is falling. In addition to the Bayern stars, only Nadiem Amiri (Leverkusen) and Stefan Posch (Hoffenheim) were recently infected. © www.de24.news

 The  hygiene concept seems to be taking effect. With Arminia Bielefeld and VfB Stuttgart, two clubs were not even affected.

Incidence value of the Bundesliga: spectacular numbers – a third of them during international breaks

On the website krake-paul.de However, there is an extrapolation of the mean incidence value of the league – the shocking number: 481.6. Accordingly, there have already been around 60 corona infections across the league. It is particularly interesting that a third of the cases occurred during international breaks – so they are probably related to travel. Given these numbers, the clubs should look forward to the international matches in March.

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Bundesliga incidence spectacular numbers surfaced Crystal clear assumption corona cases


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