Bundesliga LIVE: Hartberg wants to bring Tyrol closer to victory

Bundesliga LIVE: Hartberg wants to bring Tyrol closer to victory

In the follow-up game of the 16th round between TSV Hartberg and WSG Tirol, the Styrians could ensure a lot of tension in the Bundesliga with a win.

This is prevented by the Tyroleans, who want to save themselves an unnecessary trembling about entering the championship round. If the Wattener win the supplementary game of the 16th round at TSV Hartberg on Tuesday (6.30 p.m. in the live ticker), they increase the lead over the seventh-placed Austria back to six points.

Four rounds then remain in the regular round. A home win would mean the Oststeirer back in the middle of the race.

Trend-setting game

Hartberg would then be the first pursuer of the WSG only two points behind the Tyroleans. Both coaches know about the starting position before the direct comparison.

“We haven’t put our pursuit of the top six aside,” said TSV coach Markus Schopp.

From the Wattener camp, Thomas Silberberger said: “It is an absolutely trend-setting game for us. We can do a lot right this week, but we can also make sure that it gets really tight again.”

Both teams without any sense of achievement

 The re was no sense of achievement over here or over there last weekend. Hartberg scored 1: 1 against Ried, the WSG lost at home to St. Pölten 0: 1. Schopp struggled with a good game by his team that remained unrewarded. “When you look at the performance of my team, you can see that they are very ambitious to achieve incredible things again,” said the 47-year-old since Monday. As in the previous year – when they even secured a European Cup starting place – the Hartbergers want to aim high again.

For this to happen, however, efficiency has to improve, Schopp notes. After all, Dario Tadic scored the first goal since the end of November. © www.de24.news

 The  most recently injured attacker Rajko Rep should be back on Tuesday, and left-back Christian Klem should be fit again.

Only Zlatko Dedic is missing from the Wattenern. © www.de24.news

 The  Slovenian will pause longer with a torn muscle fiber, after the departure of Kelvin Yeboah to Sturm Graz, the attack with the two 20-year-old Nikolai Baden Frederiksen and Tobias Anselm is currently thinly manned. Against St. Pölten, central defender Bruno Soares acted as a center forward in the finish.

© www.de24.news

 The  fact that nothing remained after the 2: 4 against Salzburg meant that the WSG suffered two defeats in a row for the first time this season. Silberberger located an “ego thought” that was too high in his players, saw “a collective total dropout”. In Hartberg, the team should present itself differently. “My players know that. © www.de24.news

 The y’re out to make amends.”

Possible setups:

TSV Hartberg: Swete – Kainz, Rotter, Luckeneder, Klem – Heil, Nimaga – Horvath, Rep, Flecker – Tadic

Replacement: Sallinger – Gollner, Lienhart, Ertlthaler, Tijani, Rakowitz, Ried, Schmerböck, Chabbi

Something is missing: Lema (in advanced training)

WSG Tirol: Oswald – Koch, Gugganig, Behounek, Schnegg – Rogelj, Petsos, Celic, Rieder – Anselm, Baden Frederiksen

Replacement: Ozegovic – Soares, Buchacher, Gölles, Smith, Toplitsch, Naschberger, Pranter

Something is missing: Dedic (torn muscle fiber)

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Bundesliga LIVE Hartberg bring Tyrol closer victory


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