Buy PS5: Consoles at Euronics – queue with over 130,000 fans


 The  electronics retailer Euronics finally offered new PS5 consoles. © The  rush was huge with a queue of over 130,000 fans.

Update from February 20, 2021: Euronics takes a stand. After the new contingents of the PS5 were offered for sale, the online retailer’s website exploded. When we asked, they confirmed that there were more than 130,000 Fans found themselves in the queue to get one of the coveted Sony consoles to secure. ©

 The  demand for the PS5 So it remains gigantic.

How many of the waiting ones Fans finally a new one PlayStation 5 We could not be told how high the contingent at Euronics actually turned out to be. However, there was talk of a “not small contingent” of PS5, the Sony made available to the online retailer. Nevertheless, the new wave of sales lasted only about an hour and was loud Euronics the sale was stopped immediately when all available contingents were sold out.

Update from February 17, 2021: ©

 The re are new ones Consoles! ©

 The  PS5 order from Euronics. However, the rush is absolutely huge. We wish you the best of luck, maybe one or the other can do one PS5 dust off. Euronics already writes the following:


 The  interest in our sale is very high and significantly exceeds the contingent available. We ask for your understanding that we therefore have to regulate access to the product page. This enables us to offer everyone who comes to the shop a pleasant shopping experience.


Update from February 12, 2021: ©

 The y existed, the new ones Consoles, but not quite like the industry insiders GamesWirtschaft announced. Nothing happened at OTTO. ©

 The  big wave didn’t happen yesterday, but it could still happen today. Instead yesterday just had and Medimax for a short time new ones PS5 consoles on offer. While the Austrian branch of Media Markt does not deliver to Germany, let Medimax against its customers without warning 14:00 clock order: ©

 The  PS5 consoles were again sold out within minutes.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020


 The  colleagues from GamesWirtschaft According to at least one large retailer changed his mind yesterday and got cold feet. His Consoles should not go on sale until next week. Since the delivery dates of the PS5 as flexible and changeable as they are and can change at any time, one would like to forego such daily forecasts in the future. ©

 The  sudden start of sales for Medimax yesterday also showed that sales launches continue to be initiated without any warning. Dealers are probably too afraid of a rush whose traffic could paralyze their own homepage. ©

 The refore, communication with customers will probably not be used in the future either. Alternate confirms that they do not have any PS5 sales launch announce and available Consoles put directly online. So we have no choice but to keep our eyes open and hope for new contingents.

Buy PS5: New console supplies expected from dealers

Update from February 11, 2021: ©

 The  fourth wave of sales of the PS5 will probably break in on players today or tomorrow. Yesterday on February 10th there was already at Amazon, OTTO and Gamestop out of nowhere new mini contingents of the coveted Consoles. Maybe a test for the big sales launch today? Like the colleagues from GamesWirtschaft report, it should now go on the big order offensive. So be sure to keep an eye on the retailers you trust today, it could start at any time Buy PS5. If the PS5 then online, you shouldn’t hesitate, be quick – this time too we expect a quick sell-out of the Consoles. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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  • Buy PS5 at Euronics
  • Buy PS5 from Expert
  • Buy PS5 at Gamestop
  • Buy PS5 at Medimax
  • Buy PS5 from Otto

Update from February 07, 2021: Even at the weekend there were reports that some customers had managed to get one PS5 via the online shops of OTTO to order. ©

 The  new Consoles were also in stock and will in all probability be able to be dispatched immediately. Unfortunately, this luck is not given to everyone who is looking for a console. Meanwhile, the small supplies seem to be out of stock again. ©

 The  console is currently out of stock in the online shop. But we will inform you immediately if there are new ones PS5 Consoles at OTTO should give.

Update from February 03, 2021: Ding DongOtto is back! Yesterday morning against 8:30 a.m. there was again a small contingent at the mail order company PS5 consoles to buy. Sony-Fans But of course they didn’t mess up and that’s how it was Consoles this time sold out in no time. When the haunted Otto website ©

 The n it was over, some crafty ones made it PS5 disciples Despite all the circumstances, get a copy of the PS5 Consoles secure quite oldschool by phone. A trick that you guys do for the next one Sales wave so should write behind the ears.

But now that works too Phone-Trick no more. ©

 The  PS5 at Otto is sold out again. However, the little one Replenishment an PS5 Consoles also easily as a harbinger of the fourth wave of sales from Sonys interpret new box of games. With the small contingent, the side of Otto tested and prepared for the big storm. That seems to be getting closer and closer. ©

 The  colleagues from Gameswirtschaft expect new ones, for example PS5 Consoles from in the middle of February – until then it is necessary to remain patient, then the dream will become the PS5 sure to come true soon.

Original notification dated January 26, 2021: Hamburg, Germany – Lots Sony Fans are more than frustrated. For months now they have been trying one of the coveted ones PS5 consoles to buy, but mostly in vain. A large number of willing buyers still went away empty-handed. This is mainly due to nasty scalpers and their bots, but also in general to the extremely high demand and some delivery bottlenecks on the part of Sony. Now a German dealer is finally giving notice Replenishment from PS5 consoles an.

Buy PS5: Scalpers are causing sold-out consoles all over the world

It is literally used to milk mice. Hardly is there once Replenishment an PS5, these are also sold out immediately. ©

 The  biggest problem of Fans at the purchase one Sony console is not just the competition, but scalpers in particular. ©

 The  latter grab thousands of within seconds with the help of bots Consoles. Faster than it would ever be possible for a human. In Great Britain, an anti-scalper law is to be passed, but whether such a law would also be possible in Germany is still questionable.

Because shops could also protect themselves better from scalpers and bots. When the demand for the Consoles however, the problems with scalpers should decrease as well. Or Fans stop PlayStation 5 consoles to buy through resellers on eBay, after all, they support the scalpers and also give more money for them Consoles than they should.

Buy PS5: Small console replenishment confirmed at Otto

But most of them Fans are rational and buy the overpriced Consoles of course not from scalpers and resellers, but wait patiently for new ones Replenishment from Germans Dealers. After the UK already got a new wave of sales, people wondered Fans And rightly so, whether we will soon be offering new ones in Germany Consoles can count. Indeed, the Hamburger Mail order company Otto has great news for everyone Fanswho are still a Buy PS5 want. So should Otto from the end of January, so probably already in the next few days, another delivery Sony consoles receive. Of the Console replenishment should be small, but everyone should order for it PlayStation 5‘s to be shipped directly.

Buy PS5: Otto will soon be offering new consoles from Sony

© Sony / OTTO

So if you can get hold of a PS5 from Otto, it could be at your home as early as February. So check regularly over the next few days whether the Sony console already at Otto is available or you can be notified directly by e-mail or push notification. You should also create a customer account so that you can use the PS5 can also pay quickly. So you definitely increase your chances of one of the coveted Consoles to get hold of. It should also be loud Otto there are also no subsequent cancellations, in contrast to some sales waves before. You shouldn’t PS5 more about the online shop of Otto can order, you can also try it by phone on 040/36033603. Some Fans already reported that ordering the PlayStation 5 at Otto worked. We’ll keep our fingers crossed! *Affiliate Link

List of rubric lists: © Sony

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