Buy PS5: Customers should pay special attention to these retailers now


Buy Playstation 5: What gamers should definitely pay attention to in order to get hold of one of the coveted PS5 consoles. (Symbol image)

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 The  Playstation 5 is always sold out quickly. Sony consoles could reappear in stores at the end of February. But buyers should consider a few things.

  • For the Playstation 5 there are currently only small contingents.
  • Size Selling waves for the PS5 there will probably not be in the near future.
  • Gamers can increase their chances of one Increase purchase success.

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 The  good news first: ©

 The  Playstation 5 you will also be in the eighth calendar week (February 22nd to 26th) in German Online trade able to buy. ©

 The  experts at expect at least two sales promotions for the PS5.

Gamers have been waiting in vain for a wave of XXL sales for weeks with several thousand consoles. Also in the next few weeks there will probably only be small to medium-sized contingents of the PS5 give in Germany.

Buy PS5: First only bundles on offer?

Who will soon be a Buy PS5 should be prepared for the fact that bundles will be sold in the near future – i.e. packages of Sony consoles plus games and / or accessories. That reports deals this kind of thing last happened at Saturn, Media Markt and Alternate.

Playstation 5
Manufacturer Sony
Release 19.11.2020
Units sold 4.5 million (as of December 31, 2020)

Gamblers should PS5 can still only be purchased from authorized Sony retail partners. Buyers should not be fooled by online shops that have play equipment that can be delivered immediately. Authorized dealers are:

  • Alternate
  • Amazon
  • Euronics
  • Expert
  • Otto
  • Media Markt
  • Saturn
  • Gamestop
  • Medimax
  • Müller
  • Games grotto
  • Conrad
  • Cyberspot

If an offer goes online, you have to be quick. ©

 The  reason: Apps and websites collapse under the onslaught. Hence one should read all avoidable steps in the hot sales phase save up. ©

 The refore: Create an account in advance with all the essential information such as delivery address and payment method in the online shops.

Buy PS5: Which dealers have the best chances


 The  best opportunities are out loud at dealers who have not had any in the past few days Playstation offered for sale. Because: online shops that last Consoles were on offer, some are waiting for delivery or are still busy with shipping. ©

 The  following dealers have none in the past two weeks PS5 sold.

  • Amazon
  • Conrad
  • Media Markt
  • Müller
  • Otto

Who one PS5 want to buy should also keep an eye on the time. Because the chances of buying a PS5 increase at certain times of the day. (Jan-Frederik Wendt)

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Buy PS5 Customers pay special attention retailers


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