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Many fans are still desperate to buy a PS5.  The  new wave of sales starts this week. © The se are all the facts about the situation around new consoles in the online shops.

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     The  PS5 from Sony is currently completely sold out everywhere.

  • He comes Console replenishment im February? ©

     The re are currently some Consoles at Amazon and Otto.

  • Overview of the location of the PS5 – as well as tips & tricks – how Fans rather a Consoles can be found here.

Update from February 15, 2021©

 The  weekend is over and again there was no new one Sales wave to PS5 from Sony. Lots of online magazines like GamesWirtschaft had a veritable tsunami of new ones Consoles predicted. But unfortunately this did not happen in the end. So far it has only been confirmed that GameStop, OTTO, Medimax and Media Markt in Austria smaller amounts PS5 consoles could sell. ©

 The se little ones PS5– Allotments were unfortunately completely sold out after a few minutes.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

Since the Console replenishment Unfortunately it failed to materialize in the last week, media go like my-mmo assume that sales could start this week. ©

 The  assumption relates to the retailer like Saturn and Media Markt in the last week PS5-Pre-orderer could finally deliver. ©

 The se new ones Consoles were actually a real bulk delivery that electronics dealers could deliver to almost all of their customers who had been waiting for months. ©

 The re is of course the hope that all online stores will do a little more PlayStation 5 consoles from Sony have agreements than have already been planned by pre-orderers.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said at this point whether Online-Shops how Amazon, OTTO, GameStop, Saturn or Media Markt really new ones this week PS5 consoles to get. With the signs of the last week, it is definitely worth taking a look at the various online shops that offer the new Sony console to offer. We have put together a complete list for you.

  • Buy PS5 from Amazon *
  • Buy PS5 at Euronics
  • Buy PS5 from Expert
  • Buy PS5 at Gamestop
  • Buy PS5 at Medimax
  • Buy PS5 from Otto
  • Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt
  • Buy PS5 at Saturn

Update from February 13, 2021 – Many fans have been waiting for the fourth big one since Thursday Sales wave of the PS5 in numerous Online-Shops. Many specialist media such as had predicted an alleged sales tsunami, which unfortunately has not yet come true. Even today on the weekend, some of our colleagues are busy building the hype about a possible one Replenishment to heat up vigorously. At the front and Portals like they even misleadingly report that PS5-Consoles currently in Online-Shops should be available.

Unfortunately, this does not correspond to the facts, because so far there are only a few PS5 consoles surfaced over the past few days. In the past week there have always been little ones Replenishments in the Online-Shops from OTTO, GameStop and Media Markt in Austria. Hopes were high that the new and thus fourth Sales wave of the PS5 could break out. But so far this has remained pure speculation. At least there is, according to the statements of but good news because customers of GameStop seem meanwhile with their new PlayStation 5 consoles are supplied.

If he Console replenishment of the PS5 really am weekend in the Online-Shops from Amazon, Saturn,Media Markt, OTTO, Expert, and Co. remains questionable. If you still want to try your luck today and tomorrow, we have put together a few tips and tricks for a successful purchase of the PS5. If the Replenishment am weekend should actually arrive, we will of course inform you accordingly.

Update from February 11, 2021: ©

 The  train is rolling. who the Buy PS5 wants, he probably has the best cards in a long time. Like the colleagues from GamesWirtschaft report, it should both on 11. as well as on February 12th a big PS5 replenishment at the relevant online shops. Even yesterday there were tiny amounts of Sony Consoles at Amazon, OTTO and Gamestop to to buy. Presumably a test for the trader to get on with the big one Sales wave prepare today. It is therefore worthwhile to return to the trusted shop over the course of the day. Further down in the news you will find a list of the most popular shops. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the PS5 and of course we will inform you as soon as we know more.

Update from February 09, 2021: ©

 The  situation around the PS5, hasn’t changed much so far. ©

 The  fourth wave an Consoles remained to the chagrin of many after the mini-sales on February 2nd player Unfortunately out. Neither OTTO yet Amazon have added up so far. Conversely, of course, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have new ones soon Consoles can expect. How GamesWirtschaft reports, one expects new ones for the end of the week – if all goes well Consoles in the relevant online shops.

However, there is no confirmation of this from Sony from the respective dealers. ©

 The  information should therefore be treated with extreme caution, especially as we are definitely expecting an official announcement of the new wave of sales. Neither would you like such a chaotic sale as in November Sonywho have favourited dealers still player experience one more time. Until then, it is now time to stay in wait, there will certainly be soon PS5 news and with a little luck finally new ones Consoles.

Buy PS5: finally new consoles in February?

Original notification dated February 3, 2021: Hamburg, Germany – In 2021 the yield was possible PS5 orders lean to nonexistent. Many have been with us for many years Fans from Sonys Hardware still came out empty-handed. Yourself a PS5 Thanks to the great demand, bots and scalpers are truly becoming a mammoth task to secure. Even January could not change the delivery bottlenecks. ©

 The  hoped-for comes Console replenishment now im February? All information about when the PS5 may be available again, see the following.

Buy PS5: When will there be console supplies – overview of the situation

In fact, good news in advance: On February 02 it was apparently possible that PS5 normal in Online Shop or by telephone via the hotline of Otto to to buy. reported on order confirmations. In addition, the MediaMärkte new ones from neighboring Austria Consoles have offered. Unfortunately that is PS5 but not from there Germany available. As can be guessed from such actions: PS5 quotas are sometimes activated suddenly and unannounced. Also at Amazon could on February 02 the PS5 for a short time Bought become. Even with delivery in the same month.

When, however, with larger contingents of the PS5 can count is currently more or less in the stars. One thing is clear: not until the next few weeks, probably towards the end February, At the beginning of March there are probably more and more larger ones PS5 contingent planned. So stay alert and switch notifications from well-known online shops, such as Otto and Amazon, at. Allegedly this time it should be more regulated than in the previous sales waves PS5. So the online retailer should this time one Go give when the PS5 will be available again. We have put together a list of online shops for you, which are most likely to be your pantry PS5 to open again:

Buy PS5: Situation at a glance – So you are well positioned for the console replenishment

Even if the PS5 orders this time should be announced in a more orderly manner or at all once, it doesn’t hurt to take precautionary measures. Hence a brief outline of the tips and tricks on how to get to one faster PS5 without having to resort to the overpriced reseller bids from Scalper on eBay. With that you would only continue to contribute to the fact that his system works and the actual ones Fans none PS5 receive. Our favorite, so that you are well informed: A Twitch bot searches the online shops for the PS5.

Buy PS5: when will console supplies be available? – Overview of the situation

© Sony / Amazon / Otto / Media Markt (assembly)

Otherwise it can help the various online stores Amazon, Media Markt to Otto To scour every now and then or to look around on social media. ©

 The re is also a fan tool that can help you out PS5 to to buy. You can find the tool in the following Reddit post. We hope that this time with your PS5 works and that the expected supplies will arrive soon. *Affiliate Link

List of rubric lists: © Sony / Amazon / Otto / Media Markt (assembly)

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