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During the fourth wave of sales of the PS5, there were huge queues at an online retailer. Euronics answered a few of our questions.

Update from February 19, 2021: Euronics has once again taken a position on the situation around the sale of the PS5 taken this week. In an answer to our e-mail request, the PR team of the store chain said that there was no concrete information on the number of available Consoles at the last Sales wave could be made. But it would be a “not small quota for both variants”, so both the disc version of the PS5 as well as the digital version were available and a large number of interested customers would have been through Consoles can be operated.

Nevertheless, the demand from end customers is loud Euronics Unsurprisingly, extremely high and significantly higher than the available quotas for the Consoles been. He has oversales and bot attacks Shop want to avoid using a captcha and its queuing concept. According to official figures from the site, it was at peak time, about an hour and a half after the start of the Sales of the PS5 more than 130,000 Fans in the Queue plugged. Of the sale but was stopped immediately when the existing contingents were sold out, so none of the contingents should get stuck in the air Orders.

First report from February 18, 2021: Hamburg, Germany ©

 The  PS5 is available again and everyone is crazy. With several Online dealers it has new supplies of the in the past few days Next-Gen-Konsole given to order by Sony. Unsurprisingly, the rush so far has been huge and so are they Consoles sold out just as quickly as they arrived. To the masses of potential orderers Fans Some had to master it Dealer access to their product pages with Queues regulate. But these were completely overcrowded in a very short time.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

Buy PS5: Queues for console at Euronics in the six-figure range

In the last few days there have been new sales of the PS5 at Saturn, Alternate and at Euronics. Just like the Fans but on the probably quite small numbers rushed, none of the websites of the Online retailer withstand the rush reasonably. In the case of the sale of the PS5 at Euronics, the administrators of the website finally had to take action and gain access to the PS5 regulate somehow. So a queue was introduced to accommodate the Buyers would gradually redirect to the product page. An initial opinion from Euronics according to the demand have significantly exceeded the supply quota.


 The  queue helped but little and in the ever increasing positions in the queue of Euronics was the extent of the onslaught on that PS5 only really evident. We have a screenshot where one of our editors landed in line at number 55,733. Elsewhere it is said that we had over 100.000 People stuck in the queue for a console. One can safely assume that with so many Fans only a small handful of lucky ones actually to one PS5 has come.

Buy PS5: ©

 The  queues at the dealers became absurdly long

© Euronics

Shortly after the sale began, the Online retailer report that all supplies of the PS5 were out of stock again. We tried the exact numbers of supplies and waiting Fans determine and have us with it directly Euronics agile. More detailed information from the official side has not yet been given.

Buy PS5: Further sales at online retailers – Bundles with games available


 The  latest sales of the PS5 has it after Euronics mainly at Alternate and at Saturn given. By both Online retailers the PS5 was offered in a bundle with a game, in the case of Saturn optional Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla. Unsurprisingly both were Websites temporarily not available and the sales have long since passed. At Alternate but there have been two sales of the in the last two days Consoles, so a second wave would also be there Saturn not be ruled out.

Buy PS5: madness with sales wave – endless queues at online retailers

© Sony (Montage)

With the many websites and Online retailerswho the PS5 Already in the range, it can be difficult to keep track of Sales and to keep supplies. We become new to you Selling waves of the Consoles keep up to date as soon as possible, but if you want to try your own luck, you will get an alarm with a Twitch bot as soon as the PS5 goes on sale. Good luck!

List of rubric lists: © Sony (Montage)

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Buy PS5 Online retailer takes stand queue mania case sales


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