California grants a cannabis cultivation license to TransCanna


Groundbreaking success for the emerging cannabis company

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Vancouver, British Columbia, 20. February 2021 – TransCanna Holdings Inc. (CSE: TCAN: XETR: TH8) („TransCanna“Or the” company “) is happy to announce that the company has been granted a highly coveted cultivation license by the State of California, which will enable the company to expand its growing capabilities almost immediately start up can.

 The  state of California has Lyfted Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanna, granted a cultivation license for their flagship Daly facility in Modesto, California. Bob Blink, CEO of TransCanna, says: It is BObviously difficult to get a cultivation license in this region. ©

 The  current requests are in arrears and your Machining becomes vom County not considered before the end of 2021. “


 The  license represents TransCanna represent an important milestone in his endeavor to become to California leading fully integrated cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution company.

Obtaining this license is a major turning point for TransCanna and paves the way for the explosive growth that we are committed to are armed“Continues Bob Blink. ©

 The  demand for our exotic indoor cannabis strains exceeds resistant the Supply and now that this huge new facility has been approved for cultivation, we can finally meet this demand and continue our expansion. This will make us one of the largest licensed facilities of its kind in the state of California. “

Besides the cultivation can TransCanna with the new Daly plant also expand its product range and its dominant position in the Californian Cannabis-Establish supply chain.


 The  Daly plant will als anchor for the othern TransCanna– serve as a supply chain hub for third party companies across Northern California and provide them with secure storage, Concentrate production, Wholesale marketing, white label service and provide state-wide distribution.

Before receiving of the An building license, the plant received its sales license in June 2020. Next wait TransCanna now with excitement the issuance of the Processing license (approval from the State of California expected in mid to late March)with which the company obtained approval for drying, the Hardening, Get the cutting, sorting and packaging of cannabis on site. In addition to the time and cost savings for house brands through on-site processing, this opens up TransCanna with the processing license also new sources of income, gives it offers services to external growersn can.


 The  California cannabis market has ein sales of $ 5 billion and growing, and we are well on the way to becoming the epicenter of the entire California supply chain with our cultivation, processing, wholesale and distribution branches, ”explains TransCanna-CEO Bob Blink.

about TransCanna

TransCanna Holdings Inc. is a Canada-listed company based in California, USA, that develops cannabis brands for the California lifestyle through its wholly-owned California subsidiaries.


 The  wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanna, Lyfted Farms, is California’s authentic cannabis brand that has been pioneering continuously since 1984 the best cannabis flower genes and die best cultivation methods offert. ©

 The  exclusive cannabis flowers of the brand Lyfted Farms are across California at high quality Singleändlern available. With its new grow facility in Daly, California, the company is now positioned to become one of the largest and most efficient vertically integrated cannabis companies in the California market.

Current information about our Company you get in ouren Company’s disclosure records on SEDAR ( or the website of the CSE (

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California grants cannabis cultivation license TransCanna


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