Campaign 40,000: Josef Muchitsch calls for a job offensive for the long-term unemployed


 The  corona crisis is also causing high unemployment rates in southern Styria. NAbg. Josef Muchitsch calls for a job offensive and announces a corresponding application in the next National Council meeting.

LEIBNITZ / VIENNA. SPÖ social spokesman Josef Muchitsch calls for a job offensive for 40,000 long-term unemployed, together with SPÖ club chairwoman Pamela Rendi-Wagner and SPÖ municipal spokesman Andreas Kollross. “Does the federal government want to continue to ‘pump’ millions in self-promotion or finally invest in meaningful employment measures?”, Muchitsch said critically and emphasized: “Just waiting for economic growth is not enough.” In order to support those people who have lost their job through Corona through no fault of their own and have not been able to find a new job after twelve months, the regional MP from Leibnitz is calling for a new employment program – the “Aktion 40,000:” This job offensive, which is aimed at those under black and blue “Aktion 20,000”, which was abolished ice cold, should be open to all age groups. © The  model is designed for two years, with the federal government assuming full funding in the first year. ”

Muchitsch urges start

Muchitsch puts the costs for this initiative between 150 and 270 million euros in the first year, depending on the workload. “It makes sense to start as soon as possible, because we give 40,000 people who would otherwise be left a perspective and also help the communities,” said Muchitsch, who emphasized “that the ‘40,000’ action costs the state less than the alms- Action by the federal government with the one-off payments for the unemployed ”.
From Muchitsch’s point of view, the job offensive is a “win-win situation” in view of the tense financial situation of cities and municipalities. “It is time for the state to take responsibility for those people who no longer have a chance of employment in the free market.”

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Campaign Josef Muchitsch calls job offensive longterm unemployed


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