Cancellation of mandatory reservations on trains and buses


Train passengers on a full SBB train on February 14, 2021 after a train had previously been canceled. (Archive)

Limiting the number of passengers on trains and buses during the corona pandemic is not an issue in Switzerland, as the director of the Association of Public Transport explains.

Despite the occasional large number of passengers, the Association of Public Transport (VöV) is not discussing the obligation to make reservations and thus restrict the number of passengers on trains and buses. © The  reason is the obligation to transport in public transport.

One had considered a reservation requirement, said VöV director Ueli Stückelberger, on Monday in the program “This morning” on Radio SRF. But the situation is different from that of mountain railways, which are subject to restrictions due to the pandemic. “Transport is mandatory in public transport.”

“We always want to be able to transport everyone,” said Stückelberger. © The  transport companies therefore tried another route to reach their destination. Many, including SBB and PostBus, use additional trains or buses so that customer flows can be distributed as much as possible.

“We appeal to customers to look and avoid well-booked trains as much as possible,” said Stückelberger. Trains and buses are also cleaned. So the transport companies are doing a lot. “But somewhere you come up against your limits.”

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Cancellation mandatory reservations trains buses


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