Can’t Drive This – Innovative co-op racer appears for PS4 and PS5


Pixel Maniacs brings their innovative KoOp racer Can’t Drive This in March on the PlayStation 4 and PS5, where you play against and with each other at the same time.

While one player controls the vehicle, the other player builds the track in front of you at the same time.  The  game is basically two games in one, as explained on the official PlayStation Blog:

  1. © The  driver plays an arcade-heavy racing game with ultra-unrealistic driving physics (if you can roll over a real monster truck in the air, we are happy to withdraw this statement, but please don’t try that under any circumstances)
  2. © The  builder, on the other hand, plays a kind of Tetris, but instead of Tetris blocks, he is given intersections, swinging hammer pendulums and wind turbines – all with the explicit aim of making the driver’s life hell.

Customization options are another focus. Can’t Drive This feels like a gazillion unlockable parts, and a vehicle editor so you can show off your car to the world. © The re is also the route editor, with which you can, for example, build your own personal route and let your friends drive along a glittering yellow brick path.

© The  adaptive triggers are also used on PS5. © The se behave more like buttons and are initially totally stubborn until they can be pressed extremely lightly with enough pressure. © The  driver always feels a certain resistance when driving via the R2 trigger, just like with a real accelerator pedal. © The  faster you drive, the more resistance. If you are a little too energetic, the triggers also start to vibrate, an indication to take off the gas a little.

Can’t Drive This will be released on March 19, 2021.

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Drive Innovative coop racer appears PS4 PS5


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