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A 33-year-old man from St. Veit an der Glan was swept away by an avalanche twice in quick succession on Sunday.  The  second time he got stuck upside down in the snow, four touring skiers from Styria, who had observed the accident, dug up the 33-year-old. He was taken to hospital injured.

© The  four touring skiers from Styria, two men and two women, had been on the way to the Selenitza in the Karawanken (municipality of Ferlach, district of Klagenfurt-Land) via the so-called eastern gully. During the ascent, they were overtaken by the 33-year-old who was traveling alone when entering the eastern channel. All five hikers then climbed the channel with crampons at different speeds.

© The  St. Veiter was about 100 meters ahead of the Styrian group when it triggered a slab of snow in the steep terrain and was carried away. © The  Styrians were just behind a rock outcrop and were therefore not caught by the snow masses. © The  33-year-old came to a standstill after about 200 meters and was initially able to free himself from the masses of snow. At this point the four Styrians still had phone contact with the man.

Seconds later there was another avalanche that struck the St. Veiter and this time swept away 300 meters with it. © The  Styrians were on the edge of the channel and were spared again.

© The y climbed down to join the man who had been spilled from the snow at the bottom of the gully. © The y located him and dug him up with an avalanche shovel. After the first aid, the 33-year-old was rescued by the rescue helicopter with a rope and first supplied at an intermediate landing area. From there, the rescue team brought him to the Klagenfurt Clinic.

© The  Styrian alpinist group managed the descent to the starting point of the tour themselves, they were all unharmed. With the police helicopter “Libelle Kärnten” the material left behind by the injured man was recovered from the channel and an alpine policeman was flown to the scene of the accident with a rope in order to be able to carry out the surveys.

© The  air rescue service C11, Ferlach mountain rescue, Libelle Kärnten and 2 alpine police officers from AEG Klagenfurt were on duty.

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Carinthians swept avalanches Carinthia


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